Gatsby Girl Redux

Remember the Gatsby Girl?

That great pattern published in IK Fall 2006 by my talented knitter/artist friend Jodi Green?

That sweater I had to reknit the sleeves about 75 times (or so)?

That little feminine number that looked oh-so good when I first tried it on?
The Great Gatsby Girl
Appearances can be deceptive…

That sweater, which upon washing, grew in size and broke my little heart? (Curses, gauge and superwash!! That’ll learn me to wash my swatches, won’t it?)

Yeah, that one…

Well, after several months balled up at the back of my wardrobe, the pendulum of it’s fate vacillating between ripping it out or consigning it to an oubliette for eternity, a glimmer of hope emerged. It may not fit me, but perhaps it would fit someone, right? I invested too much good knitting to have it go to nought. So the other night I threw it into my bag as I headed over to the PP.

Turns out that I knit Gatsby Girl in the perfect size, for Jennifer at least!
gatsby girl sweater on jennifer
(Even better, the Purl carries the brand of yarn from which I knit it!)

I still love that sweater. It makes me very happy that now, someone else can too!



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6 responses to “Gatsby Girl Redux

  1. How cool that someone gets to love the knits you knit instead of the back of the closet getting the only view! ;-) it’s beautiful!

  2. ladyoctavia

    Excellent work, too bad it didn’t fit you, but it is always nice to find a home for sweaters that don’t exactly work out the way they were meant to.

  3. How lovely (both the sweater and Jennifer).

    I usually toss them in the charity bin so I’m glad it went to someone you know! (I apologize to whomever ended up with the squeaky plastic sheep sweater with the mismatched arms and hem that wouldn’t lay flat!)

    Anyhoo, yours looks much better – fabu in fact!

  4. milmom

    What a beautiful sweater!

  5. And I love it Em! Thank you so much. I have not (in my adult life) received a hand knit sweater…knowing the work (and now knowing some of the trials you encountered) What a very special gift.

    And Honey loves it on me ;)

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