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SP12 Question of the Week #9 & 10

Am I boring you yet? Are these questions really blog posts, or just a cop-out way to let me feel like I’m still blogging but really I’m just too lazy/distracted to take photos and write genuine original content?

I think I might be boring myself, these days…

QotW #9:
Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair? Would you ever consider it?
Ever entered? Nope. Would I do it? Yes, I think so. Currently my “local” agricultural fair is the Royal, so I don’t think I’m up to calibre here! But if I were to move to a smaller community, I think it could be interesting to see how my knitting/spinning held up to others’.

QotW #10:
What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/knitting style?
Confession time: I don’t really care about the Olympics. I remember watching with my parents as a kid, but I’ve never been a “sporty” one. So now, I barely know what counts as an Olympic event.*
Are there any non-competitive events in the Olympics? (Um…ok, probably not.) Well, I don’t really think of my knitting as any competition or event. My knitting is something I do to relax, to make girly things and the occasional gift. Maybe I’m the “Interpretive Ribbon Gymnastics” of the knitting world…

*Last night we were in a pub, which had several t.v. screens showing Olympics. The one most in my view had what I can only imagine was “women’s power walking”. Dudes. I had no idea this was considered a sport (it’s a race, obviously; but if someone starts to jog, are they disqualified?!?), and it certainly was bizarre seeing a crowd of scantily-clad athletic women with flipping feet, jelly legs, pumping arms and wibbly-wobbly middles, all walking as fast as they all could (without jogging, of course) around the course.


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Vacation Knitting

I’m going to one of my favourite vacation spots later today, so in preparation for the long car trip and days of slack, I had to be sure I would have something to keep my hands busy!

Last autumn, when Interweave Knits released their Fall issue, I was struck by the cover photo’s pattern:
Tilted Duster

While I don’t usually go in for asymmetry, I loved the Tilted Duster. More to the point, as soon as I saw it I though “that would be the cutest maternity sweater ever!” and that maybe someday, if I were pregnant, I’d make it for myself. Fast forward to about a week ago, where I realized that I am pregnant, now, and if I didn’t get knitting I might not still be in time to show off the belly-bump!

On Tuesday I went by the Purple Purl to spend some of my hard-earned (ok, not so much, but “fun earned” doesn’t scan as well) store credit. After much deliberation (Misti Pima Cotton? Galway Heather?) I went with this:
FibraNatura Mermaid (42% Pima Cotton, 35% Superwash Wool, 12% Silk, 11% Seacell) Colour: chocolate brown.

This yarn is so deliciously soft, has such an alluring sheen, is lightweight yet warm, mostly plant-fibers but has enough wool for elasticity… I am in love! I’m hoping that this sweater will become my new favourite, best-sweater-ever. But of course, first I have to knit it!


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