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I need a makeover

And not in the “desperate for a haircut and wardrobe” kind of way. (Although I am that, too.)

I mean in the “blog overhaul” kind of way.

I recently posted about the various ways I’m feeling scattered these days, on the various thoughts I’ve got mixed in my mind and subjects I’d like to try to write on, but don’t feel are entirely “right” within this blog. I think what I’d really like to do would be to expand the blog so that things could be RSS’ed (is tat even a term?) all together, or just under a one of a few headings, like “Crafts” or “Parenting” or “Yoga” and so on. (As with fancier sites like Pioneer Woman, only nothing so “pro” as all that.)

Does anyone know how this is done, and would be willing to coach me? Does good ol’ free have a template I don’t know about, or will I have to upgrade to a paid hosting provider?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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