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Neither Left not Right

I know I haven’t been writing here too often at all recently, and usually I’ve kept this blog a space fairly clear of politics in general. But election time looms, both for Canada and the USA (though I know there are many Canadians who’d rather have a US vote this time around!), and there are things that need to be said. Things that, thankfully, have been put into words far more eloquently and succinctly than I could!

So please, read Arduous‘ post about de-politicizing environmental issues. (Then go read her back-posts, because she’s a very interesting blogger!)

I very much support what she has written here; that there are some issues that we shouldn’t allow to be turned into a Left vs. Right standpoint. Issues that affect everyone (both within and without of our own borders). Issues that we should not allow the politicians to use to sway our votes in their favour, but rather use to turn their thoughts to how they can best serve their electorates.

The state of the environment is one of these issues. Gender equality is another (and likewise ‘racial’ equality). These are things that belong to, that have effects on, each and every citizen regardless of ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ leanings. So no matter who you will be voting for this October or November, take a moment to think on what Arduous has said, on ways you can encourage the de-politicization of crucial matters, and on the issues that you will take no compromise for — no matter who gets elected.


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Fall New KNITTY!

Hey folks, it’s time once again for to release a new issue!

Knitty has been even further improved by what looks like even more patterns than they usually give out, and now, all of them come with a “printer friendy” button — no more reformatting in Word, yay!

I haven’t shown him yet, but I know Dru is going to want me to knit him the Mangyle.

For me? I just want a Nightcap!

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Good Mail: Spoiled rotten!!

I’ve been absolutely spoiled rotten by my SP12 pal, Tanya! Check out these lovelies:

SP gift - woven blanket
This is a better photo of the baby blanket/wrap she hand-wove (using some of her own handspun yarn!) that was sent in package #1…

SP gift - BSJ
And in this package there was both a hand-knit Baby Surprise Jacket (it’s so small and cute!) for my one-on-the-way…

And also a pair of lovely hand-knit socks for me!!

SP gift - socks that fit!
They fit perfectly :)

SP gift - polworth roving
She also sent me some wonderful purple Polworth roving to spin (and I’m even getting that wheel-spinning bug, these days!). And a handmade beaded DPN-holder!

I feel lucky to have been paired with such a generous pal. I have never been the recipient of so much of someone else’s creative energy, and am very grateful of these beautiful things. I’m sure I (and my baby) will love them for years to come!

Next time… I have been KNITTING!!


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words from an absentee blogger

I am a terrible blogger these days. Sometimes I just want to give it up entirely, but there’s something about it that I enjoy so much (or at least, have in the past), and so many good things that have so far come about from it, that I just can’t bring myself to end it.

Many things are going on, these days, foremost on my mind being the pregnancy. Can you believe I’m already in the 3rd trimester? (I barely can!) My belly has become huge and round, I’m getting kicks and motions every day, and have begun counting down the weeks until my maternity leave begins — I’m taking about a month before birth to just relax, be well rested and healthy, and if (I have the energy) get things all settled before our home of two becomes three.

I am regaining creative energy, which makes me so very happy. My Tilted duster is progressing well*, and I’ve cast on for that most famous of baby-knitting projects, the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I’m teaching at the PP tonights (socks) and Sunday (spinning), and hope to teach a couple of classes in Oct. as well. I’ve been doing bits-and-bobs of spindle spinning, and am finally feeling the urge to sit before the spinning wheel again. I’ve also been becoming involved with SCA things again, and on the weekend went to a lovely event where I learned the basics of bookbinding!

Sometime, I will get photos up to flickr, and maybe even here on the blog. In the meantime, for those of you who are still reading, thanks for sticking around.

*If I get around to it, I must let you all know about my first experience with the magic of steam blocking!


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