FO (both “Finished Object” and the other words)

This is not the post I wanted to make. I had expected that here I would be writing smugly about how I’ve finished all the pices of Gatsby Girl. Yet pride goeth before, right?

Instead of that post, however, I just get to write that for some horrible and inexplicable reason, despite following the exact same directions each time, sleeve the second, the last of unfinished pieces, is a very destinctive 1.5-2″ short of sleeve the first.

This is where the cursing goes. Lots. And some crying.

Jodi, I love you to bits but your sweater pattern just might kill me yet. I’ve already had to start and redo both front/back peices about 3 times each, and have ripped back countess rows. It’s not even the lace that’s done me in (that part went lovely), but the insipid, repetitive, magically-shrinking 1×1 ribbing!

There’s not really much else for it, though, is there? When I can stand to, l’ll rip out sleeve the first and knit a sleeve the second over again.



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3 responses to “FO (both “Finished Object” and the other words)

  1. Wait! Can you cast on as if for a new sleeve, knit the missing amount, and graft it onto the end of the too-short sleeve? It would require picking-out the cast on row backwards, a nasty and tedious job, and then grafting in 1×1 rib which may drive you mad. But, perhaps less heartbreaking than ribbing.

    Also, sorry :( I hated knitting the ribbing too, if it’s any consolation. Granted, I had a friend knit the sleeves up to the armpit for me.

  2. Secret Pal

    Sending good thoughts your way! Do you usually have more than one project on the needles so that when you get upset with one you still have something else to do?

  3. Em

    Jodi: thanks for the advice. it seem sto combine the necessary elements of slacker adn bloody-mindedness that might get me through this thing. Then again, I’m beginning to suspect that Dame Guage is to blame to the size discrepancies between the two sleeves, and there’s a nagging voice at the back of my mind telling me to re-knit the whole thing now while I’ll be knitting the two in the same knitting-headspace fashion.

    Secret Pal, oh ye Unknown One, thanks for the good wishes. To answer your question, yes, I defintely have multiple projects on the go! The “Projects” page merely shows the one’s I’m willingot admit to :) Last night, after my sleeve-related upset, I played around with spinning .

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