FO: The Great Gatsby

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!”
~ The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby Girl , for me, was certainly an excercise in repeating the past: multiple cast-ons for front, back, and sleeve-edges, and three sleeves knit in total! Regardless, I think that these acts of repetition redeemed themselves in the end…

Gastby Girl sweater completed!

I really like the texture of the various stitches employed by this pattern, the way the lace and cables play off of each other:

Gatsby Girl - stitch details

For the shoulder-closures I used some simple but pretty round glass beads as buttons. I may change them someday, but I’m happy with them right now:

Gatsby Girl - side view

Not bad, for the first sweater ever knitted for myself!

The Great Gatsby Girl

Pattern: “Gatsby Girl Pullover” byJodi Green, in Interweave Press, Fall 2005
Yarn: “Luxury” Superwash Merino in a Dusty Rose
Buttons: Art-glass beads
Needles: metal straights as required
Modifications: Some fiddling with the sleeves in order to achieve the required length.
Crochet: done by the MIL
Project timeline: Fall 2006 to April 2007.



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5 responses to “FO: The Great Gatsby

  1. Kelly

    Woah! Darlin’ that is HOT! Good job, I definitely think the finished product makes up for a big part of the stress of the re-work – hope you feel the same. I’m a little surprised by the pinkness – you know *I* like it, I just don’t usually see you veering in that direction. :) Three cheers for your Finished Object!

  2. Awesome, Em, I’m all puffed up with pride. It looks great, and I’m so glad the sleeves finally worked out for you. Can I swipe a pic for the gallery? Or maybe I could shoot one when we see you this summer, since it’s almost home-time!

  3. What a great sweater all the more so because it’s your first. You are so talented! (And that color is gorgeous….)

  4. That’s terrific! This is one of my “first sweater” candidates right now too … if I can ever get the yarn spun!

  5. That looks *awesome*!!!

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