FO: The Great Gatsby

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!”
~ The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby Girl , for me, was certainly an excercise in repeating the past: multiple cast-ons for front, back, and sleeve-edges, and three sleeves knit in total! Regardless, I think that these acts of repetition redeemed themselves in the end…

Gastby Girl sweater completed!

I really like the texture of the various stitches employed by this pattern, the way the lace and cables play off of each other:

Gatsby Girl - stitch details

For the shoulder-closures I used some simple but pretty round glass beads as buttons. I may change them someday, but I’m happy with them right now:

Gatsby Girl - side view

Not bad, for the first sweater ever knitted for myself!

The Great Gatsby Girl

Pattern: “Gatsby Girl Pullover” byJodi Green, in Interweave Press, Fall 2005
Yarn: “Luxury” Superwash Merino in a Dusty Rose
Buttons: Art-glass beads
Needles: metal straights as required
Modifications: Some fiddling with the sleeves in order to achieve the required length.
Crochet: done by the MIL
Project timeline: Fall 2006 to April 2007.



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6 responses to “FO: The Great Gatsby

  1. Kelly

    Woah! Darlin’ that is HOT! Good job, I definitely think the finished product makes up for a big part of the stress of the re-work – hope you feel the same. I’m a little surprised by the pinkness – you know *I* like it, I just don’t usually see you veering in that direction. :) Three cheers for your Finished Object!

  2. Awesome, Em, I’m all puffed up with pride. It looks great, and I’m so glad the sleeves finally worked out for you. Can I swipe a pic for the gallery? Or maybe I could shoot one when we see you this summer, since it’s almost home-time!

  3. What a great sweater all the more so because it’s your first. You are so talented! (And that color is gorgeous….)

    • When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes pop open a can of cranberry sauce and serve it with dinner and I loved it. A few years ago I tried it again expecting to still love it and… we#2l&8l30; not so much.

  4. That’s terrific! This is one of my “first sweater” candidates right now too … if I can ever get the yarn spun!

  5. That looks *awesome*!!!

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