I am She of the Inescapable Name: Emily, middle name: Amelia. Yep, my parents actually gave me pretty-much the same name twice! Later attempts to “rename” myself simply resulted in the same nonetheless, most notably “Emer” (used in the SCA). For the curious, “Aemmeleia” is simply a spelling of the Inescapable Name that I can be fairly certain no one on teh internets will have taken for their user ID yet :)

I have a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature, and put it to use daily, often with knitblogs and urban fantasy novels. I live in downtown Toronto, Ontario with my husband Dru and “The Horribles”, our two cats: Arddu (a black shorthair, or “micropanther” in his slender days) and Maximus (a tawny tabby who just might be an ocicat).

I am a dabbler in arts diverse, though knitting and drop-spindle spinning have been taking the lead these days. I have also been known to sew by machine and hand, grudgingly embroider, tool leather, twist bits of copper, carve bone and antler, make messes with clay, doodle on people with henna, and other such things.

KER+++ Exp+(+)>$ SPM+(++) Wood/Bam++@ Steel+ ?AddiT Wool++@ Lux+>++ Syn– Stash+ Scale+(++) Fin Lace+++@ Tex++ Felt Ent? FI? Flat++ Circ+(DPN)(ML) Swatch- KIP++ Blog++ EZ+ FO+ WIP++ GaugeF(W) AltSw++Em+Sp>+

Currently Coveting

My Amazon.com Wish List

Since “yarn” and “fibre” go without saying…
~ Barbra Walker’s books / other “stitchionaries”
~ The Princess Shawl pattern from Heirloom Knitting (If my math is correct, I should be able to pounce for it this November!)
~ Fibretrends “Felted Clogs” pattern
~ Medieval-style wool combs (with sharp-sharp teeth!)