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Nothing to see here

Not much is worse in the blogging world than reading someone’s to-do list, so I’d encourage you to just go read the Yarn Harlot or something today… ’cause I got nothin’ else for you!

To Do
Read on only if you’re actually interesting in me nagging myself. You’ve been warned.

* Make more spindles. The Purple Purl is in need of stock, as well as the fact that I’m teaching again on Feb. 17th. (!) This must happen soon. At least I have the parts ordered! I wonder if I can pick them up tonight…

* Create handout for drop-spindle spinning class. You’re not writing a book here, so stop worrying about total comprehensiveness. At the very least, write up resource list (web/books) & print more Spin-off pamphlets.

* Start proper spinner’s journal. Remember that does not need to be some fantastic, outpouring of creativity and visual spectacle — just notes about yarn.

* Finalize Icewine pattern. Then put it up on blog & Ravelry.
(To achieve this, at least one of the Icewine 2.0 mitts must be completed!)

* Finish drafting charts for Dru’s special project pattern, then start knitting it.

* Create chart for Stranded Knitting class. Do not freak out about teaching a knitting class.

* Spin more. Spindle, and wheel, too.

* Which reminds me: decide whether or not to write pattern(s?) for Spindle and Wheel. If yes, then get it done & sent.

* Do not agonize over that wheel. See if you can test it out. If it is meant to be, it will be.

* Knit obsessively on lace-weight shawl. Take decent photos, write up pattern & share.

Still reading? It seems only fair, then, to ask you, what are you procrastinating about “in the middle of” these days? Do you have any crafty to-dos?



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