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Reading Green

It’s not something that I discuss often here, or even that frequently with my (highly socially-conscious and terribly opinionated) friends, but I spend a lot of time mulling over social and environmental issues. (And probably even more time being guilty about ‘not doing enough’.)

I’ve been trying to implement changes in our daily life for the betterment of a) us and b) everyone else. We get a local-organic veggie and fruit box delivered every other week. I have avoided sodium laureleth sulfate/parabens/etc. in body cleansing products for about 5 years now. I now home-clean with steam alone (ok, so it was consumerist, but I love me my new steam cleaner!), or vinegar/baking soda/lemon. Much of my wardrobe is, has been, and will continue to be thrift-store, swapped, and/or handmade. Our vehicle is diesel, and we use it about once every 2-3weeks, thanks to living in a high-density urban centre. Yet for all of these choices, I still know there are tonnes of other things I could, and probably should, be doing to help make this planet better for every one/thing to live in and grow.

I’ve recently started reading more “green” blogs: No Impact Man, Crunchy Chicken, good ol’ Treehugger, and such. Some I’m just ‘tasting’, others are fully-subscribed in my reader. One of these new blogs, Green Bean Dreams, has issued a great challenge for the month of May: Read Something!

I’ve been inspired to break out that most classic of classics, H. D. Thoreau’s Walden, both to get to the roots of part of the environmental movement and to get back to reading “smart books”*. I am also getting quite intrigued by several other books on the “recommended reading” list over there. (Perhaps I should pay off my long-overdue library fines and check one out?)

There can be nothing wrong with becoming informed, or finding a new perspective on things (even if you end up not agreeing with it). And even if you’re not sure what can be done about current socio-environmental issues, I think perhaps the first step is to start asking informed questions. So why not take up the challenge, and “Be a Bookworm” in May?

*Almost 2 years ago I finished my Masters in English Literature, and since then I’ve spent most of my time reading YA and speculative fiction, virtually dancing around saying, “nyah nyah, I’m not reading anything of literary value and you can’t make me!” I’m about over it, now. I do, in fact, still like “smart books”, have begun taking up pieces from the Canon for pleasure reading (recently, a Jane Austen), and have even been feeling the urges to polish up my Latin (or at least Middle English) once again…



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A certain condition

Apparently I am too subtle.

All week I’ve been waiting for someone to ask what the “WIP” is in a one-photo post of clearly-finished Saartje’s Booties (Although yes, they are fantastically cute. It was a really fun knit, and perfectly used up the last bits of Fleece Artist Sea Wool leftover from my Elfine’s socks.) Yet no questions, no guesses.

So I might as well stop being cryptic… I’m pregnant! Those little booties signify both the first bit of baby-knitting I’ve ever done (for my own, or anyone’s really) and also about the only knitting I’ve been able to muster in weeks. I can barely begin to describe how ridiculously fatigued I’ve been these past weeks . Sooo sleeepy!! I actually went to bed at 8:30pm last week — and that was still with a two-hour nap after work! Otherwise, things are ok on the “morning sickness” front, which for me has been a null of puking — yay! — but an abundance of low-level nausea that seems to only be countered by, paradoxically, lots of snacking. (And I’m usually more of a 3-squares no-snacks kinda girl, so that’s been an adjustment.)

While there hasn’t been much knitting happening around here, there has been a bit of stash enhancement! You know you’ve found a good man when he picks you up at your office, chocolate bar in hand, and says “I think you need some new sock yarn”. (Also that he has been very patient and supportive with all my new pregnancy quirks, from not cooking ihis favourite spicy foods to playing WoW with headphones on when I need to go to bed at stupid-8:30-pm — and hearing my sobbing despite them when a sentimental novel overcomes my hormone-addled emotions.) Here’s my unexpected little luxury:

Socks That Rock Silkie (superwash/silk blend) in “raven series” colourway Valkyrie.

I know that I won’t get around to actually knitting this (or anything at all, perhaps) for a while, but I have little fantasies about some fingerless gloves and a headscarf or the like. Although, with the Springtime weather finally here, I may not need such things for a while! I do hope that the tiredness will leave soon (I’m almost through the first trimester) and bring my knit-mojo back — there are large sweaters and teeny socks waiting to be knit…


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saarje's booties
Saartje’s booties


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They knit me!

You know what rocks? Seeing other people’s blog posts about a pattern that you designed, and not being able to read a word of them! (without translation)
Icewine Mittens: approved by Nordic knitters!

It’s also awesome that since Amy’s and Lime & Violet’s signal-boosts, the Eye-of-Partridge Shawl is getting some pretty far-reaching distribution!

I am getting such a huge kick out of seeing other people knit things that I made up from my own head. (Thank you, Ravelry! And begrudging thanks to you, wacky new WordPress dashboard.) Must be careful, or this will really inflate my ego!

(Not that there’s much to worry about there! Considering my current knit-progress — i.e. next to nothing — I’m feeling like a total underachiever these days. So, no photo here today.)


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Even though Tuesday was a regular-ol’ workday, I managed to squeeze in some Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour!

I was up in the not-yet-bright and early (uhg), but caught a few sock-scavenger hunt photos on my walk to work…
Stephanie St
Any bonus points for “Stephanie” street, d’you think?

I bravely did inexplicable things at work…
sock & photocopier
Yes, I took a photocopy of the sock, too. And scored a photo with my boss, who was a good sport.

Krista and I did some mad dashing around downtown after work to get in as many points as we could…

Eaton Centre geese

Henry Moore sculpture

policeman with sock
The policeman was bemused.

TTC driver with sock
The TTC driver was possible harder to convince than the cop.

I scored about 30points all told, which i think is not bad for someone without the whole day to collect neighbourhood signs and landmark-points! You can see my whole scavenger hunt photos at my Flickr account.

Of course, that wasn’t it by far! The theatre was packed with knitters…

who got to enjoy the Skydiggers…
Andy & Michael of the Skydiggers

the scavenger-hunt awards…
Rachel H and the prizes

and of course, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!
the Yarn Harlot speaks

Stephanie was humorous, thoughtful, open, and engaging, as always. It was so great for me to see her in a public venue again; I got to reflect on how less than a year ago when I went to her last launch I was start-struck and hadn’t ever knit with others before! How things have changed… I also got to meet up with some great folks I don’t see very often, and meet in person others I’ve only known ‘online’ (though looking at that first launch post, it turns out LadyO and I had met before! lol). Then it was off to the pub for shared food and fun.

All in all, it was a fantastic time. When can we do it again?


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