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Comfort and Joy

* * * Comfort * * *
Apparently the good people at Canada Post still have to work on Family Day — my Mmm… Hot Cocoa swap package was delivered to my door this morning!

What’s in the box?
package -open

A whole host of winter-blues-busting treats!
cocoaswap package

Meet Harry the Hedgie, who came with a lovely note of introduction.
harry hedgehog

Some awesome foxie stitch-markers!
fox stitchmarkers

Super-soft merino yarn:

KnitPicks Harmony needles, size 3.5mm (I sense I am on the precipice of a very slippery lope , here!)
harmony needles

Mmm… organic chocolate, and gourmet fudge-sauce/hot chocolate decadence!
organic chocolate chocolate sauce

Thanks Deb!

* * * Joy * * *

The gods of spinning really do have a way of aligning things just so. Through an amazing series of potentials and possibilities*, this weekend I have taken home this:

Joy - bag Joy - opened Joy wheel
Ashford Joy portable spinning wheel, double treadle.

She’s come with a great carry bag, 6(!) Ashford bobbins, a repair kit, and…
woolee winder
A WooLee Winder, complete with 4 bobbins.

I can’t believe this wheel is now mine!

2 spinning wheels
My two wheels: Fortuna, and the new (as yet unnamed) Joy.

Pardon me, I have to go drink hot chocolate and spin now…

*I’ll tell the whole tale later; just trust me, it was a lot of coincidence and good timing and luck.



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