Icewine Mittens

One this quadrennial day, I release into the wide world the Icewine Mittens pattern!

Icewine Mittens -pdf
Icewine Mittens (.pfd)

You can read all about this pattern’s development in this post, and as always my patterns are listed together on my Patterns page.

Winter’s not over yet, so enjoy knitting these cozy colourwork mittens!

Icewine mitten tip

* * * * *
I’m not sure that it’s linked up properly in Ravelry yet, but hopefully that will sort itself out in time. (I hope to have a “Ravel it!” button up soon!)
And speaking of Ravelry, you can see Lady O‘s fantastic test-knit pair here.

I also can’t get the pre-generated code to work in WordPress, but this simple link does, so while the pattern is released for free, if you’d like to make a paypal donation for the download, I’d be very thankful!
Paypal Donation Link



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19 responses to “Icewine Mittens

  1. ladyoctavia

    Yeah!! Congrats on getting it out!

  2. Em

    Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you ;)

  3. Oooh, congratulations on the release, and thank you for releasing it as a free pattern! I love studying them but most mitten patterns aren’t free, which makes me sad. I am sure though, that once I am able to actually make the mittens, I will donate for the pattern, but until then it’s enough for me to study how it all works. So thanks! And congrats!

  4. Yay!! Beautiful mittens!! Thank for a free pattern! :)

  5. Just tested it and it’s working fine on Ravelry.

  6. I love them! Thanks for the pattern! I’m currently knitting the Bird in Hands mittens and I’m so in love I want to make more mittens after. Yours are definitely on my list!

  7. Thank you so much! I have been waiting and looking forward to this. The pattern is printed and for sure I will make a donation.The mittens are so beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the pattern!! I originally saw these on Ravelry! My aunt will love them!!

  9. Such a lovely design! I am going to add these to my long list of must-knit mittens. Thank you for creating such a gorgeous pattern.

  10. mel

    What a really lovely design – congratulations!!

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  13. choupette

    Je suis bien désoler de trouver le patron en anglais
    Malheureusement je ne lis pas l’anglais
    Elle ètais trop belle ces mouffles

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  18. Kristin

    Since I’m not crafty enough to make these, would you be so kind…..I’d gladly pay you for your art?

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