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Delurker Day

Delurking day button

Hey Everyone, it’s Delurker Day!!

I figured that probably the best place or start would be right at home, as it were, here on my own blog. I’ve been pretty absent from here lately, and I don’t know if there’s any one reason: life with a baby — now a toddler! — certainly makes things busy, or lack of knitting time in general, or a lack of photos when knitting does occur, or the ease of Twitter, or any number of other things… Yet in spite of all of these detractors I still think often about posting, and am a regular reader of blogs via my Google Reader.

So I think it’s time to return to why I started this blog in the first place: to reciprocate. To allow the blog-authors I read to have somewhere to check in on one of their readership, should they be interested. To contribute to the dialogue of bloggers with the occasional post. To link-share, to help get the word out about other neat things I’m finding around the aether.

In that vein, then, I urge you, dear reader, to delurk youreslf — leave a comment to say “hi”, whether to me here or to the other blogs you might be lurking around. Maybe even post some stuff of your own!


Hey, here’s another nifty thing happening in the blog community! I love swaps — getting things in the mail that isn’t another bill or your neighbour’s tax statement makes your whole day brighter, plus it’s fun to shop for your pal. Swaps are also a great way to connect with some of the bloggers you may not have heard of before! So check it out: this year’s Hot Cocoa Swap has just started sign-ups! I’ve participated in this one before, and it’s always been tons of fun.



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