This and that

A sign I just might be a little bit preoccupied with this whole fibre thing:
I was writing an email to my department’s business manager today, and instead of typing “please let me know… ” I wrote “please let me knit…”. Obsessed? Me? Never.

* * * * *

I think I’ve come to a spindlemaking decision. The name I’m going with is….

FolkLore Fiberarts!

Thank you to everyone who helped me out from my wiffle-waffling. I really appreciate it! I know there were a lot of votes for the foxie-names, so don’t worry, I’m already thinking of ways to use them…

The spindle will go out to Mary, because she both succinctly framed good reasons to go with it in her comment, and because she de-lurked! (Got to encourage more comments somehow, right?!) Mary will be getting one of my little ‘signature’ spindles that look like this:

…only not right away, because my whorls are on backorder (grr). Which is super-annoying, because they seem to be in some demand these days! I’ve got to get more in to the Purple Purl, have had a blog-reader place an ‘order’ via email, and am going to do a swap with Ray (of Knitivity yarns!). These are exciting times!

An shop in in the works… Anybody out there happen to he handy with graphic design want to trade your skills for a spindle? Drop me a line!

I have already had to promise Dru that the whole spindleworks thing is under control, that I am not taking on too much and know exactly what I’m up to. I hope I am right…

* * * * *

I made a hat! It’s pretty damn boring, other than I used 1 skein of that great “autumno” merino yarn I just received. I followed in Lady O‘s footsteps and pretty much just riffed off of my tea cozy pattern (I didn’t include the spout hole, of course!)

autmno hat
I think I’ll make a little one just for me next.

I’m hoping it will keep my “little” brother’s head nice and toasty when he’s back in the Yukon. It sure was nice to see him over the weekend, though, and I’m glad I was able to send him home with something I knit — last I saw him, I gave his girlfriend a warm pair of merino-silk socks, and apparently she’s been making inroads teaching herself to knit now!

* * * * *

I’ve been knitting some new Monkey socks, but I’m not sure if I’m liking the way the yarn’s pooling/striping…
monkey socks
Indigo Moon sock yarn, “Moonlight on the Mountains”

I’ve knit a few more repeats, and now instead of doing the little swirl/stripes as it did in the ribbing, it’s pretty much doing large vertical “stripes”. They’re just not doing it for me now. I may just rip it out and try with a slightly looser gauge. What do you think?

I’ve also been spinning on my new Joy wheel (and what a joy it is!), but it’s way to dark to take photos now. So let’s just leave that for next time, shall we?
And stay tuned — I’m hoping to release the Icewine pattern on February 29th!



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5 responses to “This and that

  1. ladyoctavia

    Congrats on the name! It is so exciting and official!!

    I think please let me knit would have been a perfectly reasonable request…

    I have some ability with graphic design, what did you have in mind? (I can send you some samples if you like.)

    I’m sure your brother will benefit more from the hat than mine will… living in Huston…
    (and way to spread the knit-bug)

  2. Good call for the fibrearts name. Ooh I love Indigo Moon… *sigh* just such lovely colours.

    And I have some experience with graphic design and would be more than happy to work with you on a banner. I have web design examples as well as some Ravelry examples I could direct you to (I’m part of the Design Donors group).

  3. Deb

    Nice looking hat! I wonder where you got that yarn? LOL Anyway, was looking around the Loopy Ewe website last night and came upon …. a felted fox kit! Too cool. Unfortunately it came out after I needed to make you a buddy but I had a lot of fun with Harry and I hope you love him too. (You did notice his “fur” was in some of your favorite colours, didn’t you?) Looking forward to the IceWine Mittens pattern. Take care.

  4. ThatLoganChick

    Will you be selling your spindles online? I ask because yours are very pretty and look like they work well. Plus you’re a Canadian artisan. And I’m a collector of handmade spindles.

    If I may give you a slight nudge, Etsy stores are easy to set up and maintain (I have one myself, and was amazed at how quickly it was all up and running).

  5. I found this site looking for info on drop spindles. I have needle felted for a while now and would like to needle felt hand spun slubby yarns but don’t NEED yards and yards of yarn. Sooo… I decided to learn to spin my own so I can have just a yard or two of whatever yarn I want.

    Anyway, I have a degree in graphic design/illustration and did design my own banner for etsy using one of my altered ACEO pics in the background. I would love to design something for you in return for a spindle!

    I also have a blog with some of my current textile art if you are interested in looking:


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