They knit me!

You know what rocks? Seeing other people’s blog posts about a pattern that you designed, and not being able to read a word of them! (without translation)
Icewine Mittens: approved by Nordic knitters!

It’s also awesome that since Amy’s and Lime & Violet’s signal-boosts, the Eye-of-Partridge Shawl is getting some pretty far-reaching distribution!

I am getting such a huge kick out of seeing other people knit things that I made up from my own head. (Thank you, Ravelry! And begrudging thanks to you, wacky new WordPress dashboard.) Must be careful, or this will really inflate my ego!

(Not that there’s much to worry about there! Considering my current knit-progress — i.e. next to nothing — I’m feeling like a total underachiever these days. So, no photo here today.)



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3 responses to “They knit me!

  1. knittingmixtapes

    You should get a tshirt/badge that reads “I’m huge in Norway.” Thrilling and difficult to fact-check!

  2. ladyoctavia



    That is all.


  3. I don’t know how I missed your shawl pattern before but I just checked it out and it’s so pretty! It is the perfect use for variegated yarn… I must queue it up!

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