A certain condition

Apparently I am too subtle.

All week I’ve been waiting for someone to ask what the “WIP” is in a one-photo post of clearly-finished Saartje’s Booties (Although yes, they are fantastically cute. It was a really fun knit, and perfectly used up the last bits of Fleece Artist Sea Wool leftover from my Elfine’s socks.) Yet no questions, no guesses.

So I might as well stop being cryptic… I’m pregnant! Those little booties signify both the first bit of baby-knitting I’ve ever done (for my own, or anyone’s really) and also about the only knitting I’ve been able to muster in weeks. I can barely begin to describe how ridiculously fatigued I’ve been these past weeks . Sooo sleeepy!! I actually went to bed at 8:30pm last week — and that was still with a two-hour nap after work! Otherwise, things are ok on the “morning sickness” front, which for me has been a null of puking — yay! — but an abundance of low-level nausea that seems to only be countered by, paradoxically, lots of snacking. (And I’m usually more of a 3-squares no-snacks kinda girl, so that’s been an adjustment.)

While there hasn’t been much knitting happening around here, there has been a bit of stash enhancement! You know you’ve found a good man when he picks you up at your office, chocolate bar in hand, and says “I think you need some new sock yarn”. (Also that he has been very patient and supportive with all my new pregnancy quirks, from not cooking ihis favourite spicy foods to playing WoW with headphones on when I need to go to bed at stupid-8:30-pm — and hearing my sobbing despite them when a sentimental novel overcomes my hormone-addled emotions.) Here’s my unexpected little luxury:

Socks That Rock Silkie (superwash/silk blend) in “raven series” colourway Valkyrie.

I know that I won’t get around to actually knitting this (or anything at all, perhaps) for a while, but I have little fantasies about some fingerless gloves and a headscarf or the like. Although, with the Springtime weather finally here, I may not need such things for a while! I do hope that the tiredness will leave soon (I’m almost through the first trimester) and bring my knit-mojo back — there are large sweaters and teeny socks waiting to be knit…



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21 responses to “A certain condition

  1. Congrat!!!!! I am so happy for you! Oh the fun of knitting baby things.

  2. Oh now how did I miss this??? I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up on it! Congratulations!!!! And kudos to the man in your life. What a great guy! I wish you both all the best in this new adventure. :D

  3. Aven

    So many people knit baby things for friends, I’d be scared of offending someone by guessing about them!
    I’m glad things are going well — I know what you mean about the exhaustion, and the weird combination of nausea and the need to keep eating; that’s exactly what my first 3 months were like.

  4. Well, well. I’ll admit I noticed and wondered, but in my world it’s not a question one asks, so I thought it best to wait and see. Congratulations to you both. And also, see you soon!

  5. Marie

    Congratulations! Baby body can be a drag but baby knitting is the best! Great booties!

  6. Georgiana

    Awww, congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Em!!! That’s so wonderful!! :D

  8. That’s awesome! Congratulations to both you and your man.

  9. Mary

    congratulations! so wonderful!

  10. I can’t remember whether I told you this when I last saw you, but I found that the more sleep I got, the less nauseated I was…and vice versa. Of course, everyone’s reaction to ‘the condition’ is different, but just in case you’re like me that way, I thought I’d give you the tip.

    I never get much knitting done in the first trimester, myself, so I totally know whereof you speak! In fact, if I’m being all ‘meh’ about knitting, that’s a big clue that I’m in the family way. :)

    Again, so happy for you. Eoin was tickled when I told him the news, BTW. He knows you guys are going to be spectacular parents.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! To be honest I thought the booties were cute but the title of the post didn’t register. You’re going to make a great mom!

  12. Laugh… big congrats to you! I have to say I just assumed that this was the WIP. Glad to know for sure and to be able to extend warm wishes.

  13. Oh Em, I’m so happy for you! Congrats! The booties are really sweet and will be so great and warm for when your kiddo is born!

    I hear you on the fatigue. It does pass after the 16 week mark and you might also rekindle your hankering for spicy foods (kimchee was a personal favorite my third trimester…)

    Can’t wait to hear all your updates about your new arrival — even though 9 months seems long now, it truly does fly by.

    Love to all of you! And get lots and lots of rest!

  14. Congrats! and thanks for your comment on my blog! i love those booties as well, must try and knit something for mine… so, you’re due in november as well!? i’m feeling so sick right now! i’m off work thankfully, after doing lots of extra time the last two days i decided to take the time in lieu today to recover. i thought i’d be doing lots of nesty or crafty things but i’m so tired!
    wishing you all the best for your pregnancy!!

  15. Congratulations, I know I read that post and thought that the booties were for a WIP pregnancy, but never thought that it would be yours. Take it easy and do what you can.

  16. ladyoctavia

    Congrats! That is so exciting!

  17. Ohmygosh! Congratulations! Yes, sometimes you have to pound us blog readers over the head to get us to realize what you’re saying. I’m so happy for you!

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