FO: Elfine’s Socks

They’re done! And such perfectly appropriate socks to wear on May Eve.

Elfine's Socks - finished!

Another pair of socks completed (mostly during lunchtimes!). Again, I worked these socks on a single circular needle (Magic Loop method), having divided the skein into two roughly equal balls, and casting on both socks at once. (See my previous post for tips on how to do this.)

I’m quite pleased with the way these turned out. For all that it’s a lace pattern, there is a lot of stretch in it, so the’re fitting me quite snugly, without sagging. The short-row heel also came out well, and is fitting nicely.

Elfine's Socks

Doesn’t the colourway remind you of spring flowers? I’m quite taken with it worked in the leaf-lace:

Leaf Lace detail

Pattern: Elfine’s Socks, by Anna Bell
Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool; purple/green/blue/pink colourway
Needles: 2mm 80cm-long circular
Modifications: 2×2 ribbed cuff worked instead of rolled stockinette brim. (I just didn’t want my socks to roll down!)
Project Timeline: March 19th? to April 28, 2007.



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3 responses to “FO: Elfine’s Socks

  1. Hey, Em, I LOVE those socks! Must make them right away (well, perhaps after Sock Madness has finished. Where are you based? No clues from your blog (except for the lovely fibre – sorry, fiber – classes, which certainly rules out the Emerald Isle!)

    ~Greetings from West Cork.

  2. Em

    Thank you, from Toronto! (where I freely interchange my “fibres” and “fibers”…)

  3. I love the leaf-lace, so springy!

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