Even though Tuesday was a regular-ol’ workday, I managed to squeeze in some Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour!

I was up in the not-yet-bright and early (uhg), but caught a few sock-scavenger hunt photos on my walk to work…
Stephanie St
Any bonus points for “Stephanie” street, d’you think?

I bravely did inexplicable things at work…
sock & photocopier
Yes, I took a photocopy of the sock, too. And scored a photo with my boss, who was a good sport.

Krista and I did some mad dashing around downtown after work to get in as many points as we could…

Eaton Centre geese

Henry Moore sculpture

policeman with sock
The policeman was bemused.

TTC driver with sock
The TTC driver was possible harder to convince than the cop.

I scored about 30points all told, which i think is not bad for someone without the whole day to collect neighbourhood signs and landmark-points! You can see my whole scavenger hunt photos at my Flickr account.

Of course, that wasn’t it by far! The theatre was packed with knitters…

who got to enjoy the Skydiggers…
Andy & Michael of the Skydiggers

the scavenger-hunt awards…
Rachel H and the prizes

and of course, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!
the Yarn Harlot speaks

Stephanie was humorous, thoughtful, open, and engaging, as always. It was so great for me to see her in a public venue again; I got to reflect on how less than a year ago when I went to her last launch I was start-struck and hadn’t ever knit with others before! How things have changed… I also got to meet up with some great folks I don’t see very often, and meet in person others I’ve only known ‘online’ (though looking at that first launch post, it turns out LadyO and I had met before! lol). Then it was off to the pub for shared food and fun.

All in all, it was a fantastic time. When can we do it again?



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3 responses to “Inexplicable

  1. Oh what a fantastic time! I think my favorite is the sock on the copier though… just makes me laugh and laugh! :)

    Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  2. This is the kind of thing I wish I could do. but living out of town adn running my own little business eats up a lot of time. dang!

  3. Martha

    “When can we do it again?”

    This is what I think too!

    I was pretty starstruck last year too and this time it was just really fun to hang with so many knitters. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain sitting in a full theatre where everyone is knitting and just enjoying themselves.

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