Comfort and Joy

* * * Comfort * * *
Apparently the good people at Canada Post still have to work on Family Day — my Mmm… Hot Cocoa swap package was delivered to my door this morning!

What’s in the box?
package -open

A whole host of winter-blues-busting treats!
cocoaswap package

Meet Harry the Hedgie, who came with a lovely note of introduction.
harry hedgehog

Some awesome foxie stitch-markers!
fox stitchmarkers

Super-soft merino yarn:

KnitPicks Harmony needles, size 3.5mm (I sense I am on the precipice of a very slippery lope , here!)
harmony needles

Mmm… organic chocolate, and gourmet fudge-sauce/hot chocolate decadence!
organic chocolate chocolate sauce

Thanks Deb!

* * * Joy * * *

The gods of spinning really do have a way of aligning things just so. Through an amazing series of potentials and possibilities*, this weekend I have taken home this:

Joy - bag Joy - opened Joy wheel
Ashford Joy portable spinning wheel, double treadle.

She’s come with a great carry bag, 6(!) Ashford bobbins, a repair kit, and…
woolee winder
A WooLee Winder, complete with 4 bobbins.

I can’t believe this wheel is now mine!

2 spinning wheels
My two wheels: Fortuna, and the new (as yet unnamed) Joy.

Pardon me, I have to go drink hot chocolate and spin now…

*I’ll tell the whole tale later; just trust me, it was a lot of coincidence and good timing and luck.



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6 responses to “Comfort and Joy

  1. Ooh! Lovely goodies and what a beautiful new wheel!! Yay for presents! :)

  2. Deb

    So glad you liked your package and I know you will love the Harmony needles. I certainly do! You got such great pictures of Harry, better than mine turned out. I really enjoyed this swap. Take care.

  3. Lady O

    I was just talking about hot chocolate ….

    Congrats on the new wheel! (I need to find me some of that kind of luck!)

  4. this looks like the greatest package of a lifetime!

  5. I am so happy you decided to adopt the wheel. May you have many hours of enjoyment at her. I salute your good fortune by raising my distaff and shouting “huzzah!”


  6. Happy mail! Yay! and a wheel, too. I am sooo jealous.

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