It’s been one whole year since I cracked post and started posting. This is, contrary to the title, just another knitblog, but I’m loving it still!

So many things have a happened, both in my fibre-crafting and ‘real’ life, over the past year! When I started this, I mostly wanted a place to feel like I was more than just a voyeur of other knit-bloggers, an ‘address’ that I could leave with comments to prove I ‘existed’ too. Never did I expect the true depth of the community that is bridged by our blogs. I wish I could find a way to thank each and every blogger who I read, each and every reader who leaves a comment (and even those shy ones who never do!), for truly enriching my life.

I love the connection to you all with our words and our craft. I love that I have made friends — real, genuine friendships — with people I have never met. I truly believe blogging has even pushed me to get out and meet other knitters in person: now I can’t imagine weeks passing without heading to knitnights at my LYSs!

I also love how much knowledge is shared here. I have learnt so very much, from tips and tricks to brand new techniques. I hope I have even given some of my own knowledge back. (Look for some new patterns coming soon!) Seeing other people’s projects are so inspiring; even the ones that don’t work out provide encouragement through commiseration! Every bit helps me push myself in new directions, to try new yarns, patterns, skills…

Spinning is another development. Who could have known, when I hadn’t even made my first spindle a year ago? Here I am now: teaching at an LYS, the proud owner of 2 wheels, more pretty fibre than I can properly house, and several fleeces. I am still deeply in love with spinning, feeling a connection to it that seems to originate somewhere close to my core. Would I have never started spinning if I hadn’t also started blogging, I wonder…

Spindle-making is looking like it’s growing, too… I really need to get myself a name! What do you think about these?

a) FolkLore Fibercrafts
b) FoxFay Fiberarts
d) Sionnach Spindleworks
d) Silver Fox Spindles
e) (your suggestion here)

My offer still stands to send a spindle to someone who comments about this — I just need help picking something!



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13 responses to “One

  1. First time commenter, long time reader. I would go with (a) FolkLore Fibercrafts. It sounds really welcoming and the name just makes me think of handmade.

  2. I like Fiberarts in the title because it leaves the door open for expansion. I also like Silver Fox. So I guess my suggestion would be Silver Fox Fiberarts.

  3. Wow, a whole year! Happy blog-birthday. :)

    All of these blog-birthday/anniversary posts these days comment on the connections and relationships made by joining in. It’s very interesting to ponder this whole community made of people with the common interest of string…

    Sorry I can’t help with the names, though. I am AWFUL at naming things.

  4. I like (a) the most. Happy Blogiversary!

  5. I like one of the last 2 options. ‘Fox’ doesn’t really scream fibre arts to me, but the last 2 have a nice ring to them.

    Congrats on your blogiversary! I forgot to celebrate mine and will have to wait until my 2nd.

  6. I vote for a) FolkLore Fibercrafts, and I completely agree with Mary, it sounds very welcoming, and like something quality hand made…sort of “time honoured tradition” like.

  7. sharon

    I thibnk you should go with Silver Fox Fiberarts, it has a nice ring to it and is leaving the door open for other fibre stuff.

  8. Another vote for Silver Fox Fibrearts…very melodic…

  9. Lady O

    I like Silver Fox it has all sorts of connotations – the northern winter (which well, not that we usually get much of one, but people don’t need to know that), so many folk and mythic elements, and it also appeals to my inner marvel comics geek…

  10. knittingmixtapes

    Happy Blogiversary from one of the shy ones who never comments! I do like the ring of ‘Silver Fox’, but the name kind of reminds me of a pervy old man, trying to pick up the young ladies with his big white false teeth and the SLVRFOX vanity licence plate on his bright yellow Boxter…but maybe it’s just me!

    I think I’d play on the legendary”craftiness” of the fox (and the foxiness of your crafts, maybe?), like Foxcraft Fibre Arts or Foxcraft Spinning Arts. Man…this is harder than it looks!

  11. ‘Folklore’ sounds better, I think, but couldn’t you keep ‘Silver Fox’ as the name of your spindles? Like, ‘Folklore Fibercrafts’ could be the umbrella name, and underneath it could read, ‘Home to Silver Fox Spindles’…though this may only serve to complicate things! Good luck!

  12. Happy Blogaversary Em! :D

    I like a and d for names… I think I like d better, but a makes a bit more sense.

  13. I vote for a if you’re planning on doing more than just Spindles (one day)… because you don’t want to start out with a name and develop a recognition and then realize it is a bit limiting to your new interests and the direction you want to take yourself.

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