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No Apologies

It sure has been a while since I last posted

I’ve been reading this general sentiment a lot lately (I think Got Medieval put it most succinctly by opening with “Let’s skip the whole “excuses for not posting more often” section…”) and get the feeling that with all this other Social Media Stuff* floating about the ether and general daily life, a lot of non-pro bloggers are finding it difficult to blog regularly. In the face of diligent, post-every-day-on-schedule blogs, any post I make seems like it must absolutely be prefaced with an apology.

Even I am getting tired of these apologies and meta-blogging. I can only image what few readers I have left must be getting sick of it.

So, let’s just stop that, shall we? No more apologies for sporadic blogging. I’m busy. You’re busy. Lives take work. Creativity takes effort. Sometimes things get done, other times they get balled up in a heap and forgotten about until you remember company’s coming over in 10 minutes and people actually can sit on that chair in the corner…

From now on, I’ll try just writing about what’s been going on, whether in my head or with my creative output. You can kindly read, choose to comment, or whatever you like. We’ll see where this takes us.

* * * * *

I have been doing absolutely no knitting whatsoever for the last 3 months. This lack has been killing me so much I’ve turned to crochet for near-instant gratification of yarn-play resulting in an FO. I’ve crocheted three sunhats, all but one of which have gone to that hidden part of the park where kids bury their sunhats because no kid ever wants to wear a sunhat, especially if it is a sunhat crocheted specially for you by your crazy mom. I miss knitting. Someday, perhaps, I’ll be able to finish a sock, or scarf…

My non-knitting does not mean I have not been buried in wool however. On these, some of the hottest days of the year, I have been almost literally swathed in wool, as I sew tunics, coats, and kirtles like the madwoman I must be. On the other hand, a friend and I discovered a magical, insane fabric warehouse that sold beautiful woolens for the ridiculous price of $4.99/yd, so hopefully we will finish all this crazy sewing in time and not just be wrapping ourselves toga-like** in all this wool. No matter what, when we’re camping this year, we will not be cold.

*Social Media Stuff can include blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. etc.
**Historical fact of the day: Roman senator’s togas were made of wool.



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Today’s my blogiversay. Four — 4! — years ago I entered  the blogosphere as a fully-participating member.

That’s why I joined: to participate in the community I was starting to know through the blogs I read. I felt like if I was going to comment on someone’s post, that they should be able to check out who was reading them.

I still do: that’s why I keep a Facebook account dispite the terrible interface and questionable copyright stuff, why I’m on Twitter regardless of any need to “market” myself, why Ravelry is revolutionary beyind its massive databases. It’s about communication.

I’m really grateful for this blog these past four years. Through blogging, I’ve made friends I’ve never met, and I’ve met friends I never would have otherwise. I’ve gone outside my comfort zone, whether by knitting in public or designing my own projects or learning to spin. Through this blog, I’ve gotten job interviews and teaching gigs and published original designs. I’ve also gained skills, started a professional career, become a mother, experienced love and change and betrayal and recovery and a whole host of other stuff I don’t share in public media, and I’m sure there’s even more.

The blogosphere shifts; the world changes; time and goals and all are in flux. I’m still not entirely happy with this blog, or at least with my writing/organizing of it, and I’m sure it will continue to shift right along with everything else. But I’m really glad that it exists, and that I’m still “here”, four years later.

Here’s to another year!


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Begin as you mean to go on

I’ve blog-complained that I want a make-over, that things aren’t quite fitting here, that it may even seem like this here blog’s gone and kicked the bucket.

There have been major changes in my life over this past year or so, things that I want to explore in writing, things that I’d like to share with the world at large. Some huge life stuff that has come, that is happening, that we’ve just taken steps to follow. Some esoteric thoughts that float around my brain and write imaginary blog-posts about themselves. Some genuine finished knitted objects!

So, no more waiting until things are right, or until I have more time (ha!), or whatever. September 1st is as good a day as any to begin. Changes start now — they may be slow, they may not happen as I desired or inteded,, but they are happening.

Note: the blog header. “Not Another Knitblog” was becoming literal, and thus no longer ironic or amusing. This will be a collection of the bits and pieces, possibly worthless to most but of interest to a few. Ephemeral.

I’ll be fixing up pages, links, etc when I get to it. Expect more changes, but not on any schedule :)

Anyone out there good with graphics? I just don’t possess the skill set (or software) to make a decent blog header. Want to make one for me? I’d be happy to repay in trade, be it yarn or a spindle or whatever. Let’s talk!

Really huge important life change: Baby #2!

new-born Lorelei

Lorelei Linda was born on lucky Friday the 13th of August, at home, at 7:54pm. She weighed 7lbs exactly, and was 51cm long (and has far surpassed those measurements in the 19 days she’s been in the world since!). She is — surprise surprise — an entirely different baby than her sister was. Parenting a newborn and a toddler certainly has it’s challenges, but the whole family is doing really well! I hope to write up both my girl’s birth stories soon.

So there we go. A new begining, or a continuation of this journey along a slightly different path. I wonder where it will go next…


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Belated Cleverness

I finally figured out something that I should have thought of ages ago, something that may lead to more actual posts!

You know how I was gifted an iPod touch for Xmas? That wonderful little device that has enabled me to read free Project Gutenberg e-books while nursing the baby, always know what the weather will be like tomorrow, and stalk the internets with abandon? Yet apart from F/B status updates and Twitted, has been poor for the blogging?

Turns out, there’s an app for this too!!

So yeah, I’ve finally got wordpress on my iPod and hope to actually get back to the blog. One day there may even knitting again, too!

(I have faith. Also, a rediscovered sweater-in-progress…)


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Top 3 Reasons I’m Not Blogging Lately

Reason #1: Baby

M @ 3mos

Yesterday she turned 3 months old. Can you believe it?!? Three whole months (13 weeks +2 days) have already passed since she joined our world and took over my life. I’m so amazed at how intensely she’s become a part of my world, at how much energy one tiny person can both contain and require of others, and at how completely in love with her I am!!

Reason #2: iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Dru went and got me the ultimate geek-girl-gadget for Christmas this year, and it has both become a near-indispensable tool and favorite toy for me! Many of the great things about the iPod Touch — touch-screen, portability, large file-storage capacity — mean that I can read email, surf the web, read e-books, listen to music & podcasts, etc… all while playing with / napping with / nursing the baby. However, it’s small touch-keyboard significantly reduces the amount of online typing I can do (or feel like doing). Which leads to…

Reason #3: Facebook / Twitter

These lovely little social applications/time sucks allow one to reach out to the world in tiny blog-bites. With these, I can post little tiny updates (type-able on the iPod!) and pretend that I’m still part of the blogosphere. Even though I’m totally not.
(You can follow my tweets at

Bonus Reason: Seriously Boring Knitting.

Dudes, it’s true. I’m ashamed. The knitter that once had many an interesting sock, colourwork mittens, the occasional sweater, and a minimum of one longterm-lacework project on the go has of late been making stunning forays into “great cats, if it’s going to be -20 I need a warmer baby hat NOW” and “if I have to walk with you in the sling from 8-10pm nightly, I’m going to make a stockinette sock so I don’t go mad“. Neither of which are very interesting in either the knitting nor the viewing. I know that in the interest of a complete Ravelry page, however, I really ought to photograph these tiny projects and share them here. If only my iPod had a built-in camera… ;)


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A post that’s not just in my head

I am such a liar. I promise you posts “soon”, and you get nothing. I tease with hints of knitting, spinning, and baby-news. And then… nothing.

I apologize for this. It appears that pregnancy has robbed me of certain faculties.

It’s certainly not like I haven’t been blogging — in my head, at least. I’ve got tonnes of things I want to say, thoughts I’m thinking, images I’ve seen and would love to capture. There’s so much head-blogging I contemplate starting whole new blogs for my myriad topics (knitting, pregnancy/parenting, eco-living)! Then I remember I haven’t even answered this weeks (or last’s?) SP12 question.

So for now, please imagine me saying all sorts of clever things (like I have imagined) about the knitting I’ve started doing again, and spinning, and my fabulous secret pal’s package that arrived last week (Thank you! A Good Mail post will happen eventually!). Imagine I have shared my thoughts about urban homesteading, my husband’s initial foray into self-watering containers, and our ideas about how life should be truly lived. Imagine I’ve told you all the stories about my increasing size, the sensations of feeling my child move and kick within me, my frustrations at my limitations and joys of the experiences.

And just chalk the fact that these posts are imaginary up to this:
Pregnant belly - 21 weeks
21 weeks and growing — now into the second half!


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It’s been one whole year since I cracked post and started posting. This is, contrary to the title, just another knitblog, but I’m loving it still!

So many things have a happened, both in my fibre-crafting and ‘real’ life, over the past year! When I started this, I mostly wanted a place to feel like I was more than just a voyeur of other knit-bloggers, an ‘address’ that I could leave with comments to prove I ‘existed’ too. Never did I expect the true depth of the community that is bridged by our blogs. I wish I could find a way to thank each and every blogger who I read, each and every reader who leaves a comment (and even those shy ones who never do!), for truly enriching my life.

I love the connection to you all with our words and our craft. I love that I have made friends — real, genuine friendships — with people I have never met. I truly believe blogging has even pushed me to get out and meet other knitters in person: now I can’t imagine weeks passing without heading to knitnights at my LYSs!

I also love how much knowledge is shared here. I have learnt so very much, from tips and tricks to brand new techniques. I hope I have even given some of my own knowledge back. (Look for some new patterns coming soon!) Seeing other people’s projects are so inspiring; even the ones that don’t work out provide encouragement through commiseration! Every bit helps me push myself in new directions, to try new yarns, patterns, skills…

Spinning is another development. Who could have known, when I hadn’t even made my first spindle a year ago? Here I am now: teaching at an LYS, the proud owner of 2 wheels, more pretty fibre than I can properly house, and several fleeces. I am still deeply in love with spinning, feeling a connection to it that seems to originate somewhere close to my core. Would I have never started spinning if I hadn’t also started blogging, I wonder…

Spindle-making is looking like it’s growing, too… I really need to get myself a name! What do you think about these?

a) FolkLore Fibercrafts
b) FoxFay Fiberarts
d) Sionnach Spindleworks
d) Silver Fox Spindles
e) (your suggestion here)

My offer still stands to send a spindle to someone who comments about this — I just need help picking something!


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