Scattered and Spinning

I’ve been feeling very scattered lately; overtired, unfocused and distractable. It seems like there’s been no progress on anything! Intellectually I know that I’ve “produced” things (the shawl, Nate’s hat, many spindles…) but creatively I feel unaccomplished. (Guitar Hero hasn’t exactly helped either, save to rock.)

I’m uninspired at the knitting end of things. I have more languishing socks-in-progress than I want to count, a pair of Icewines for myself that have lost all momentum, and a shawl, and… I just can’t seem to find a project that addicts me. Any suggestions??

I have, however, tried to take a bit more “calm-time” and give myself space to sit and spin. While spinning is another thing I feel horribly under-accomplished in lately (having produced not a single full bobbin from the Joy, nor a spindle’s-full, in a very long time), I’m trying not to let that get me down. Dru pointed out last night that in the summer I was spinning on a borrowed wheel — I knew that it would go away, that I had to get as much experience from it as I could before it left — and now there isn’t that kind of pressure or drive. I can relax about spinning-time, and I should relax over it!

spinning nook

Me in my spinning corner, at the Joy wheel: Ikea lamp and large windows behind, Fortuna and the Joy carry-bagin the background..

I’ve been working with this lovely fluff from Copperpot Woolies that Krista gave me for my birthday:
Wild Siberian Iris -  fiber blend
“Wild Siberian Iris” 100% merino

It’s an even balance of indigo-purple, teal blue, and a melon orange, which I find very intriguing. It’s also the first time I’ve had the chance to spin from a more batt-style fiber preparation (it’s in a very wide “roving”, about maybe 6″ across). Here’s how it’s spinning up so far:
Wild Siberian Iris - singles on bobbin

I haven’t fully decided on how I’ll ply it (probably just plain vanilla 2-ply). But I can say that I ‘heart’ my WooLee Winder!

When I can’t handle/get to/be bothered to sit at the wheel, I’ve been picking up my new spindle. It’s a Hound Designs ‘laceweight’ top-whorl in rosewood (I think?) and comes in at a teensy 16g. It is also the first spindle I’ve ever had that I haven’t made myself!
hound designs spindle whorl hound designs spindle

I’ve been spinning away with little pieces of a Pat’s Colours merino/silk batt. (Both were picked up from the Purple Purl). I must be in a batt mood… or maybe I’m just going “batty”?
purple merino-silk batt
A small batt-bit. Soft and shiny!

More crafts keep intruding themselves into my mind, as well. In particular, I’d really like to try my hand at some nuno felting and ATCs (not necessarily at the same time!).

What about you? Are you focused lately, or being distracted from/by/with various crafts?



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8 responses to “Scattered and Spinning

  1. Crafts? What’s that? I have been so focused on school work this week that knitting has simply left my mind, although I keep toying with the idea of just knitting or crocheting to see what I can do… but it never gets further than idea, this week. Which is good, because I have tons of work to do and I am getting it done. Yeah, focused is definitely the adjective to describe my week…

  2. ladyoctavia

    I think it must be the drag on winter, chapter revisions and notes, yeah, not moving along much -and I’m spending more time thinking about fiber than working with it.

    That is spinning up really pretty!

  3. Both of your batts are lovely!! – I’ve been surprisingly motivated to finish the pair of socks on my needles and my dad’s scarf… not so much the more complicated things like Icarus.

  4. Suggestion 1 is to pick the unfinished project that is closest to being done, and knit only that until it is done. You’ll have accomplishment and gain momentum!

    Suggestion 2 is to tidy/organize your stash. Make friends with it. Fall in love with it all over again.

    One day I am still going to call in the cupcakes-for-spinning help favour! ::wistful sigh:: I still need to learn how to ply.

  5. knittingmixtapes

    I think I know what you mean. For me, I feel like I want to start learning a whole slew of new crafts and skills (I am so in love with the idea of ATC!), but I have invested so much in knitting (and have so many gifts to knit already this year! If those babies weren’t so darn cute…!) that I can’t afford the time or money necessary to devote to new things. It is both frustrating and satisfying to feel that I am progressing in my knitting, but that my progress is at the expense of other creative outlets. I need to remind myself that there is still a lot of life left to learn all the things I want to do, but it can be hard to remember!

  6. I keep being distracted by various crafts, I need to do all the crafts. Felting is certainly fun, and I like the nuno felting link. I had been think of trying machine embroidery on my handmade felt, and seeing someone else’s work is certainly inspiring. Of course in order to do that I need my sewing machine back :) hint hint. Glad you like the batt and happy spinning.

  7. I know just what you mean. I enjoy so many types of crafts from fiber to embroider and then there is soap and candles, not to mention making jewelry. Right now I am just trying to focus on my fibery stuff. I agree with Glenna and I think I am going to take that advice as well. Get the almost completed projects out of the way and then get back in touch with your stash. Good luck and remeber you are definitely not alone!

  8. mel

    That’s some lovely spinning – both on the wheel and the spindle – So beautiful & consistent! And a woolee winder!! I was just wondering how you load your bobbin so evenly ;)

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