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There’s going to be a new online knitting magazine on the block! Check out the new front page for Knotions magazine.

Beyond “yay, more online knitting content!”, what could make this good for us, as readers? As site creator Jody (of Savannahchik Knits) says, the goal of Knotions will be to include
discussions on fit and technique, illustrated instruction, pattern design, and previews of upcoming designs, yarns, and tools… what will really thrill me is if Knotions helps you to achieve better fit, identify and fix pattern issues, select appropriate yarn, and use the best techniques. In short, I want Knotions to help you knit smarter.”

Knotions wants to hear from potential readers as to what we’d like to see in an online magazine. You can take the survey here.

As a new start-up, Knotions also seems to be very open to new pattern designers and article authors. Deadline for Issue 1 (Fall ’08) submissions is May 1st, so there’s still plenty of time to get your creativity flowing.
(Though don’t forget, other fantastic online magazines like Knitty and Spindle and Wheel are always looking for more too! Don’t be too shy to take a chance.)


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