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liberate your laceweight!

Apparently, one can be “harlotted” by other bloggers as well!

My Eye-of-Partridge shawl just got a shout-out from Amy, in solidarity for her “Liberate your Lacewieght” campaign. And boy-howdy, must she have some readership, because they’ve all stopped by here today!

*waves to new blog people*

Thanks to everyone who’s left me a comment, and to the vastness of you out there who have climbed my “stats” page to new heights, providing me with great entertainment :) I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my mindlessly-easy-but-very-fun shawl pattern, and think it would be awesome if other folks knit one too. (I have a few other patterns, too, if you’re interested.)

I’m just sorry that the blog’s been so dead around here otherwise! I’ve barely been out to knit-nights, let alone done any actual knitting. Maybe I should cast on a stockinette ‘tube’ scarf a la Amy — I think that’s about all my brain has the power to deal with lately!



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4 responses to “Linked In

  1. Donna

    I started your eye of the partridge shawl about a week or so ago using a worsted weight (it was really cold in my house this winter-I need the bulk). I’m loving it. I do have miles of a cobweb weight-I think I’m gonna borrow your e of the p cowl idea and make a tubular scarf. I figure it should be ready to bind off by the turn of the next century.
    Thanks bunches for all of the great inspiration!

  2. I saw it and tried it, but that yarn has failed in two separate pairs of socks already. M planning to do it again after current stuff finishes.

  3. Jen

    Thanks for the details on your eye of partridge shawl. I’ve been trying various lace patterns for a skein of Claudia’s handpainted silk as a wedding gift for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, but with the wedding on 4/26, I don’t have time for a lot of fiddling! I started the e of p version last night, and I’m already about 6″ in without having to frog and restart, frog and restart. Woo-hoo! Thanks again!

  4. bloomingknitter

    I will be starting this shawl as soon as I can find some of that yarn. I have done a few searches online, but can’t seem to find it in stock anywhere.


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