Ready, Set…

Are you ready for a day of Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour?

I’ve got my checklist all printed. (Yes, I’ve scouted out likely locations for my sock photos. I’ve got to work during the day, so I’ve got to be efficient!) Likewise cash has been taken out, in prep for prime snack- and book-buying, pretty notebook is at ready (for taking down blog addresses, of course), and little cards have been hastily printed (yes, I am that dorky) for this giving to others (how much am I wanting a set of MOO cards?).

stuff ready for launch

I’ve been in touch with my knitterly friends from far and near (give me a shout if you’re coming!), and hopefully will meet up with some of them before the event — someone save me a seat!) and the rest at the pub afterwards.

This is me! See you there?

A sock is in progress, of course.

sock WIP
Arucania Ranco, basic sock “recipe” (my own, but in the spirit of Stephanie).

Oh, and my camera, of course! Have I forgotten anything?



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6 responses to “Ready, Set…

  1. Hey let me know when and where you want to meet and I will be their with my sock. Happy photo hunting :)

  2. Glenna’s dissertation will release her in time for the YH launch this evening provided she behaves herself and works today. Sadly she will then have to forgo pub night to return home and madly throw clothes in a suitcase… happy sock scavenging!

  3. Oh Em! I’m so jealous! You’re going to have a blast!! Please post lots and lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you! ;)

  4. I am so jealous – not that far away but with two little ones it is impossible. Have fun for me….

  5. ladyoctavia

    It was great to finally meet you in person!

    (Though next time I’ll try to time it so I’m not running off to catch a bus.)

  6. So, how much fun was it?

    I want Moo cards too….

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