Nothing to see here

Not much is worse in the blogging world than reading someone’s to-do list, so I’d encourage you to just go read the Yarn Harlot or something today… ’cause I got nothin’ else for you!

To Do
Read on only if you’re actually interesting in me nagging myself. You’ve been warned.

* Make more spindles. The Purple Purl is in need of stock, as well as the fact that I’m teaching again on Feb. 17th. (!) This must happen soon. At least I have the parts ordered! I wonder if I can pick them up tonight…

* Create handout for drop-spindle spinning class. You’re not writing a book here, so stop worrying about total comprehensiveness. At the very least, write up resource list (web/books) & print more Spin-off pamphlets.

* Start proper spinner’s journal. Remember that does not need to be some fantastic, outpouring of creativity and visual spectacle — just notes about yarn.

* Finalize Icewine pattern. Then put it up on blog & Ravelry.
(To achieve this, at least one of the Icewine 2.0 mitts must be completed!)

* Finish drafting charts for Dru’s special project pattern, then start knitting it.

* Create chart for Stranded Knitting class. Do not freak out about teaching a knitting class.

* Spin more. Spindle, and wheel, too.

* Which reminds me: decide whether or not to write pattern(s?) for Spindle and Wheel. If yes, then get it done & sent.

* Do not agonize over that wheel. See if you can test it out. If it is meant to be, it will be.

* Knit obsessively on lace-weight shawl. Take decent photos, write up pattern & share.

Still reading? It seems only fair, then, to ask you, what are you procrastinating about “in the middle of” these days? Do you have any crafty to-dos?



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6 responses to “Nothing to see here

  1. Crafty to-dos… yes. I need to add the thumb’s ribbing to my Endpaper Mitt and start the second one. Unfortunately I would rather work on my scarf, make myself a new pair of socks by the weekend (one down! yay!), and fantasize about casting on for a sweater (although, I may soon allow myself to just cast on already… even though I want to get other things done. Who knows?)

    Not as long a list of to-dos as yours, certainly. Although others are nagging me to do even more. But I need to focus on schoolwork, or so I tell myself…

  2. i have a baby blanket that is stagnating, a valentines scarf that requires too much thought while under the influence of medicines courtesy of pneumonia, a pattern or two that should be written but I hate charts, and the Hemlock Ring which I am actually enjoying

  3. Oooh! Where are you teaching a stranded knitting class?

  4. Em

    I’ll be teaching at the Purple Purl, in March! (eep!)

  5. What a full to-do list. I love the fact that a lot of things on your list have to do with getting out there and sharing your talents with others!

    Luckily being so hormonally challenged these days my crafting to do list is very limited. It’s kinda nice to knit just for the sake of it and not care if something gets done!

  6. Lady O

    What exciting things your to do list relates to!

    My to-do list for today was much less interesting, as it is all research related… and so far I have checked off one libray book (a book that as far as it dealt with its own subject matter -the number and contents of a subset of books published in England in the 15-1600s it was fine- but which was annoying and very misinformed about surrounding matieral- gggrrrrr), and the first few sections of Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women. Now I’m developing a headache…

    Crafty to do’s? There is general work on wips and more specifically my mother’s shawl which needs to be finished for March 8th.

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