Limited Time Only

I’m really bummed out right now. Have you ever seen The Princess Shawl over at Heirloom Knitting? It’s amazing. It’s complex, and beautiful, and challenging. And it (the pattern, I should clarify) is also only available once every five years.

I have been eyeing this pattern for about three years now, before I even really could knit lace. I have been anticipating it’s release, have even set little reminders in my electronic calendar about this pattern.

It’s out now (a few days before I thought it would be even), and probably will be sold out quickly. Unfortunately for me, it’s price is set at twenty pounds (about $40 Cdn), and considering all my financial state, that’s about forty Canadian dollars more than I have to spend on a pattern alone.

I know I probably shouldn’t rant about money woes on a blog, but I have been wanting this pattern literally for years (and you have probably noticed I don’t plan my projects, or pay for patterns very often). So there it is — I’m sad because of a pattern I can’t have.

Well, misery loves company, so they say. So how about anyone who can sympathize with me here leave a comment with the story of your unattainable knits, or send me a link to the pattern/book/kit of your unfulfillable dreams. We’ll commiserate, and maybe if I get enough tales of knitting woe I’ll send someone chocolate.



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4 responses to “Limited Time Only

  1. Oh noes! I feel your pain, truly.
    Me, I would love to have some of those fancy dancy Alice Starmore cables and fair isle patterns that are now all out of print. Woe!

  2. I totally understand how you feel! I feel that way about yarn. When my SnB friends are bringing in Malabrigo and Misti Alpaca in and making things like blankets with them, I’m so jealous. (I won’t even talk about books that look cool!)

    Since you are so good at saving money you can go ahead and splurge just this once? (Maybe think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself to celebrate your job and everything else that’s going well in your life?)

  3. I know what you mean. I can never have enough money for everything that I want to knit…..

    I think that you too, should maybe think of talking about this as a CHRISTmas prezzie from someone in your family??? Maybe if you ‘drop hints’ someone will help you????????

    oh I don’t know…..I just know I feel your pain!

  4. You and me both. Curse you, monetary insufficiency!

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