Virginia Vacation

I’m back from vacation, safe and sound. There was a lot of car time, so I knit socks:

autumn socks
STR “Autumn” and Lorna’s Laces “Chocolate”. One knee-high sock done, the other is at about this state now.

Sadly, I bought no yarn, nor fibre. I did, however, see some sheep in Colonial Williamsburg:

leister longwools

Leicester Longwools from the Williamsburg flocks.

These cuties are Leicester Longwools, a period-appropriate breed for colonial times. I got to hear a fair bit about the breed history (what does it say about me that the one thing on the programme I don’t want to miss is the sheep presentation?), and marvelled at the staple length — about 10″! I have got to get me some longwool, y’all.

In the “Me? A tourist?” category, I may have taken a photo of a possum. But he was right outside our hotel! and he was not, as I originally feared, a skunk, so that fact alone endeared him to me.

Not a skunk.

And finally I leave you with a photo of a very odd bush, taken from a parking lot behind a Waffle House. What the heck kind of bush has pink, purple, blue, and teal berries?!?

strange berry bush
Don’t know what it is, but it sure is pretty!



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2 responses to “Virginia Vacation

  1. Those are great sheep. Man, just imagine picking burdock out of that wool… no, wait. Don’t.

    That nifty bush looks like grapevine to me… doesn’t really explain the teal part, though!

  2. What fun! The sheep look really cool (and hopefully you’ll find some wool — 10″ staple — unbelievable!).

    I guess they must not have possums up north, but we used to have them living under our porch growing up (and, even here in LA under our apartment). Sadly we just have skunks where we are now (they’re cute but smelly).

    Wonder if native Americans ever used those berries as dye stuff?

    So glad your trip was fun!

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