Good Mail:Surprise Prize!

When I got home (late) yesterday, there was a happy surprise waiting for me!


A bundle of fibre from Katie!!

2oz. Stick & Stone natural soysilk roving; 2oz Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks’ Dyeworks “Hallie’s Berries” merino/tencel roving.

A while back she had posted a contest to guess where she would be taking her honeymoon, and I guessed correctly (Niagara Falls, of course!). She also was here in Toronto, but with her busy newlywed schedule we didn’t manage to meet up. Anyway, this is the first blog contest I’ve ever won, so yay for that –Thanks so much Katie!

Well, I was really needed something cheerful to pull me out of my funk, and who can’t help being happy about pretty rovings to spin? Inspired by MamboCat‘s post on spinning for All Hallows, I think tonight I’ll take out a spindle and begin working on that lovely merino/tencel.



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2 responses to “Good Mail:Surprise Prize!

  1. I’m so happy the package finally arrived! (Who would’ve thought it’d take so long between the US and Canada??) I hope you like the rovings. I’ve got some of the soy silk soaking as we speak to dye up today and will tell you how it goes…

    Enjoy it, you deserve to have great things happen to you!

  2. Lady O

    That purple is gorgeous!

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