I think one of the reasons I don’t blog half as often as I used to it because my thoughts/interests are incredibly scattered these days. There are so many diverse and not-immediately-relevant-to-each-other things that are dividing my time and mental energy.

Among these are:
– Parenting and Pregnancy
Between raising a toddler (!) and preparing for a 2nd child, I’m bouncing between everything from cloth-diaper sewing to feeding nutritious things to picky 16-month-olds to birth preparation. There are several parenting blogs in my Google Reader, and I follow multiple Ravelry theme-groups along these lines.

– Sustainable Living / Intentional Community-Building / Frugal Living /etc.
Dusting ourselves off from a failed community-living venture has been rough on Dru & I lately, but it hasn’t changed our fundamental belief in these things. Now that we’re back as apartment dwellers, fatiguing out what sorts of “urban homesteading” projects we can undertake (in the heart of the city; in an 800sq. ft. apt; while paying for daycare) has come to the fore. So has financial planning — figuring out how to build and save at the same time (better spending; meal planning), how to foster community now, and looking ahead to how to build an intentional community in the future.

– Yoga
I’m currently taking an wonderful, intense Yoga Teacher Training program through a great studio downtown. This program has been incredibly transformative so far, both physically (as any serious increase in physical regime would) and mentally/spiritually. I lost all the previous baby-weight, and then a bit more. I’m stronger, and more flexible (even now that pregnancy has me having to “back off” in my practice). I’ve had to learn anatomy, and despite my dislike have really taken in a lot. I’ve become a huge fan of kirtan chanting (check out this fab podcast!), am internalizing some new perspectives from yoga philosophy, and as a literature geek am really interested in learning more about Hindu mythologies. I even had the disorienting moment of realizing that when this is completed I could call myself a “fitness instructor”, and boy did that ever shift my self-view!

Compared with this stuff, some days fibercrafts seem like a drop in a bucket. But of course, knitting and spinning are still on my mind! I just can’t seem to think of what to post about them lately. Also, my camera has been missing since January, which makes craft-blogging a lot less interesting for you readers!


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  1. Hey Em!

    I so hear you about being scattered. I’ve, for the first time in months, been able to sit and look at your blog, for instance!

    You have a lot on your plate and the great thing is that fiber arts are always there, much in the same way your yoga practice and interest in sustainability always will be. There’ll be times when you have the chance to do things and times when they take a back burner.

    If it makes you feel any better, the last time I used my wheel was almost a year ago! (And it’s been just as long since I did yoga which is too bad…)

    I hope your move went well and that you are feeling ok. Hang in there and enjoy these moments!

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