I need a makeover

And not in the “desperate for a haircut and wardrobe” kind of way. (Although I am that, too.)

I mean in the “blog overhaul” kind of way.

I recently posted about the various ways I’m feeling scattered these days, on the various thoughts I’ve got mixed in my mind and subjects I’d like to try to write on, but don’t feel are entirely “right” within this blog. I think what I’d really like to do would be to expand the blog so that things could be RSS’ed (is tat even a term?) all together, or just under a one of a few headings, like “Crafts” or “Parenting” or “Yoga” and so on. (As with fancier sites like Pioneer Woman, only nothing so “pro” as all that.)

Does anyone know how this is done, and would be willing to coach me? Does good ol’ free WordPress.com have a template I don’t know about, or will I have to upgrade to a paid hosting provider?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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3 responses to “I need a makeover

  1. Brett

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but you already have an RSS feed on your blog. WordPress does that by default. I’m not sure about the RSS feeds by category, though. There might be an add-on of some sort. You might want to check the Paid features of WordPress to see if they have it there.

  2. Hi. I’ve been stalking your blog but now I’m finally posting ;)
    I looked up a lot of things on YouTube. They have great tutorials on how to get things done – but are you seriously wanting a blog like Pioneer Woman’s – ouch that is $$$$. I say start small and tweak as time allows unless you have the money to invest. I also want to add so much to my blog but for now it’s baby steps. Start with good bones – and add to it slowly. Take Care.

  3. i really like ur blog format especially ur header, my uncle runs DAR enterprises and just made me my blog and for my birthday he’s going to do whatever i want to it, i’ll put my link on here and u can go see what you think if you like? no pressure or anything but thats the kinda thing u can get for a small fee and can be very personalised.

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