Sita Sings the Blues

Sita poster

Sita Sings the Blues is a phenomenal full-length animated film, creatively reinterpreting the story of the Ramayama. Through a variety of storytelling approaches — from heckling shadow-puppets to the jazz vocals of 1920’s singer Annette Hanshaw — the love (and loss) story of the Hindu god Rama and his wife Sita is brought to new life.

This film has been extensively covered by sites like BoingBoing due to copyfight issues around the use of the jazz tunes, but has recently been released under Creative Commons licensing by the animator, Nina Paley. You can now download your own FREE full HD video copy of this delightful film (to burn, copy, share, and/or remix as you will, following the (CC) license), or watch it online through streaming video on a variety of sites (see main Sita page for links).

I enjoyed Sita Sings the Blues immensely, am going to try to convince my local yoga studio to host a screening, and just had to share the word!



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2 responses to “Sita Sings the Blues

  1. So glad you had time to see Sita. We absolutely loved it when we saw it last year. (Even took kiddo, she, amazingly slept through most of it…)

  2. I saw it on PBS a while ago. Fascinating, especially the comments from the characters in silhouette.

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