Not Dead

Not sleeping either, which explains the utter lack of posts, content, knitting, and general brain activity over the last… however-long-it’s-been.

I have, however:

– Moved to a fantabulous house that we are sharing with another awesome family of friends. It’s a social experiment, but so far it’s been great!
new house

– watched my amazing daughter grow and achieve enormous feats of cuteness
Morgana @ 5mos

– crocheted approximately 1 million cotton dishcloths
[No photo, to spare you the boringness that is my poor crocheting with yucky yarn]

– knit ONE SOCK!! (For me, this is a great victory!!)\
KnitPicks hand-painted sock yarn in “Wicked Witch”

Here’s hoping for more knitting (and sleeping!) in the future…



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3 responses to “Not Dead

  1. Why hello there! Congrats on the sock. And the dishcloths. Both come in handy, I’m sure. Might have to grab that colorway of KnitPicks though. Love witchy yarns. Hope you get more sleep as well!

  2. The sleep deprivation is the worst but that really does look like a fabulous house…and an adorable, happy, healthy baby daughter! Ccongrats on all your recent accomplishments!

  3. Hey is that Brunswick Avenue? I’ll be there in July. Gorgeous baby and gorgeous sock! Congrats!

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