celebrity blogwatching

Tee hee hee! I just had to share that Kate Bosworth‘s celebrity-blog (“celeblog”?) picked up my spinning meme post as a “mention” of her, all on account of the words “Bosworth” (as in the makers of Charka wheels) and “Kate” (as in “lazy kate”). This is too funny! Although as I type this I bet that same blog just picks up this post now too, seeing as I have actually used her name here… how cyclical…


* * *
In other celebrity news, I’m going with Krista to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot herself, at the Indigo here in downtown Toronto tonight. I hope to meet some of you knitbloggers there! I’ll be wearing my Elfine’s socks and generally trying to strike a balance between my mega-shyness and my tendency to over-cheerfully babble and/or be scathingly sarcastic (my standard maneuvers to counter shyness). Let’s hope I vaguely succeed.



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5 responses to “celebrity blogwatching

  1. Ack! I never got back to you! You’ve probably guessed by now anyway that I won’t be there, I’m helping Laura out at the Artcite thing and then we’ve got family stuff in London. Have fun tonight!

  2. Oh, and take your round shawl to show Stephanie. She’ll love it.

  3. How funny! It’s so strange how the web works!

    Have fun seeing the YH tonite.

  4. Hi I am so jealous of your visit to The Yarn Harlot tonite!!!!
    Oh,Wild Fibres is a USA based Magazine ,you should be able to find it easily!!! Unlike us,Im relying on spinning Pal Mandie to import it,lol!!!!

  5. Don’t worry–you’ll do great! I was an uberdork when I met Steph, naturally, but I have great faith that your cool is less “un” than mine! Have an awesome time.

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