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Triumphant Return

My friends, there has been KNITTING.

Most of the summer and fall (and spring too? I don’t even remember) has been spent on tiny bites of knitting here and there — a few rows in the car, or during before-bed-tv, or any time the baby-turning-toddler (!) and toddler-no-wait-preschooler (!!) would allow. And, because knitting is magical like that, even these tiny bits add up and eventually there is this complete object. Kind of like life.

Nikolai shawl, knit in IndigoDragonfly Merino/Cashmere “Neither Bloody Nor Bowed”
Nikolai shawl

I really love having a smallish scarf-shawl with me, something to wear under my coat but also around an over-cooled office. This scarf-shawl fits the bill perfectly, and the cashmere content makes it warmer than you’d expect (and luxurious too!).

And what goes better with a fall shawl than some quick fingerless mitts?

These Short and Sweet Fingerless Mitts were exactly what they claimed to be — short and sweet. I knit these up in just a few days, and the pattern was perfect for making a lovely little pair that “goes with” but does not “match” the scarf-shawl, sharing a leaf motif. I should have remembered I always knit loose and gone down a needle size, and maybe I should block them someday, but whatever, I have a pretty and toasty-warm (thank you cashmere) pair of mitts to wear until it’s full on mitten weather.

Which will be really soon, I’m guessing… Glenna’s just reworked her Podster Mitts pattern, maybe I’ll try to make some of those for the next phase in the fall-to-winter transition. Until then, these actually finished objects are serving me quite well!

What about you? Anyone else experiencing a triumphant return into the world of knitting?



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Icewine Mittens

One this quadrennial day, I release into the wide world the Icewine Mittens pattern!

Icewine Mittens -pdf
Icewine Mittens (.pfd)

You can read all about this pattern’s development in this post, and as always my patterns are listed together on my Patterns page.

Winter’s not over yet, so enjoy knitting these cozy colourwork mittens!

Icewine mitten tip

* * * * *
I’m not sure that it’s linked up properly in Ravelry yet, but hopefully that will sort itself out in time. (I hope to have a “Ravel it!” button up soon!)
And speaking of Ravelry, you can see Lady O‘s fantastic test-knit pair here.

I also can’t get the pre-generated code to work in WordPress, but this simple link does, so while the pattern is released for free, if you’d like to make a paypal donation for the download, I’d be very thankful!
Paypal Donation Link


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CocoaSwap: Winter Knitting

This week’s “Topic of the Week” for the Hot Cocoa Swap is:
Now that we’re in the thick of ‘Winter’… has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton to wool, superwash or heavier cottons?

To which I think I can decidedly answer, YES.

Big changes, and smaller projects. I can’t seem to find any concentration, knitting-wise, these days. Many small, warm and fuzzy projects are coming on and off my needles lately!

I’ve knit not one, but two pairs of Fibertrends felted clogs…
felted clogs - purple felted clogs - green

… but haven’t gotten around to felting them yet. I think there is a part of me that really enjoys having these ridiculous floppy things lying around. Also, felting apparently falls under the same category as “weaving in ends”, so I’ve been avoiding it. Also, I am terrified that the felting won’t work.

I knit two pairs of Endpaper Mitts over the holidays — finished the first set on Christmas eve and promptly gave them to my sister, so there’s no photo of that pair (for the curious, they were teal and white). This red and black pair, however, I’m keeping for myself!
endpaper mitts - detail endpaper mitts - red and black

There have also been my Icewine mittens — I’m knitting myself a pair now, with new and improved charts! — and made a delectable cashmere hat…
cashmere hat

…which I really need to rip out the entire top of and reknit to make it just a bit longer. But I don’t want to. I’m going to see if a gentle washing makes it grow first (I know, I know, probably a bad plan; may I refer you to the above statement on having no patience for drawn-out things?)

I’m intrigued by Amy‘s Liberate your Laceweight campaign, as I have now tasted cashmere, it is good, and I have a skein of Fleece Artist 2-ply in my stash in amazing coppers and bronzes, but I’m not sure I can commit to lacework right now.

For the moment, I just want to keep knitting small soft things. What’s your favourite Winter comfort knitting?


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The first deep frosts of winter may not always be welcome, but they do bring about a few enjoyable treats. For South-Western Ontario, those frosts lead to one of the rarest harvests in the world, as naturally frozen-on-the-vine grapes are swiftly cut, pressed, and turned into sweet, delicious Icewine. For knitters, cold weather brings about that sweet time of year when we can show off our knitted winterwear!

With these thoughts in mind, then, may I introduce the Icewine Mittens?

Icewine mitts - front
Icewine mittens — front.

Icewine mitts - palm

Icewine mittens — palm side.

Icewine - motif
The grape cluster motif.

palm motif
The palm mini-grapes (with a tip of the hat to the Bird In Hand mittens, of course!)

Icewine - thumb
The “peasant” thumb and palm pattern.

The original pair has been gifted away, but a second pair is in the works — I have to have a pair for myself! I’m trying to get the pattern ironed out, and hope to have it available soon. To that end, I would love to have a couple of pattern-testers. Anybody up for it? Just send me an email (see sidebar for gmail address).


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Mitten Maddness

It all started with the Bird in the Hand Mittens. I know, they’re popping up everywhere. They’re this season’s Anemoi mittens. Uber-popular. Must-Have Mittens.

Yes, I love this pattern too. Unfortunately my “e-money” budget this holiday season doesn’t allow for impulse purchases of trendy patterns, even when I do need to knit a mitten set for a gift. (Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this. Apologies if my whinging over patterns I can’t have is boring anyone!)

These mittens, they’ve really opened my eyes to some elements of design here, stirring up all kinds of thinky-thoughts. For one, they are non-repeating and non-symmetrical. Quite a change from most Norwegian mittens out there. For two, they have cute designs in unexpected places, especially the palm-motif that breaks up the background repeat. And for three, for all that they are very visually interesting, they’re also relatively simple.

I have a strange disconnect when it comes to designs I find appealing. I need things to be balanced (e.g. asymmetrical hems are not for me, unless there are an even number of points or something like that), and yet, I also have issues thinking geometrically (math intimidates me). Knitting-wise, this means that I’ll avoid both freeforms and square blocks! But charting a design that has to fill a set space, but not necessarily repeat x times over y rows… that I guess just struck the right balance in my mind.

For the past three nights I have done hardly any knitting at all. I have searched Ravelry all through, looking at cuffs and hems and stranded patterns. I’ve found inspiration in Persian textiles, Roman mosaics, and on blackwork embroidery websites (sadly, you can’t just use those charts directly). And done a lot of scribbling in knitter’s chart-paper!

In these evenings I’ve had moments of inspiration where I’ve been in the kind of zone I haven’t found for a long while. I think of these as “muse-struck” moments; when I don’t entirely know what I’m creating, I just know that it’s right. The creativity flows, everything works, and then it ebbs away… When I start struggling for the next rhyme or line or stitch, I know the moment has passed.

Oh Muse, how I have missed you! Thank you for returning in this new and strange guise.

I’ve charted at least one design that I absolutely must knit for Dru as a result of these muse-moments. (In January, when there are no more knitting deadlines!) And I’ve struck on a design for the gift-mittens I’m quite pleased with, if I do say so myself. For three evenings straight, I have been designing. Now I knit, and see how it all works out…

mitten wip

* * * * *
Remember, today’s the last chance to enter my contest! I know I said Friday evening, but I’ll probably not tally up until mid-day tomorrow…


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