No Apologies

It sure has been a while since I last posted

I’ve been reading this general sentiment a lot lately (I think Got Medieval put it most succinctly by opening with “Let’s skip the whole “excuses for not posting more often” section…”) and get the feeling that with all this other Social Media Stuff* floating about the ether and general daily life, a lot of non-pro bloggers are finding it difficult to blog regularly. In the face of diligent, post-every-day-on-schedule blogs, any post I make seems like it must absolutely be prefaced with an apology.

Even I am getting tired of these apologies and meta-blogging. I can only image what few readers I have left must be getting sick of it.

So, let’s just stop that, shall we? No more apologies for sporadic blogging. I’m busy. You’re busy. Lives take work. Creativity takes effort. Sometimes things get done, other times they get balled up in a heap and forgotten about until you remember company’s coming over in 10 minutes and people actually can sit on that chair in the corner…

From now on, I’ll try just writing about what’s been going on, whether in my head or with my creative output. You can kindly read, choose to comment, or whatever you like. We’ll see where this takes us.

* * * * *

I have been doing absolutely no knitting whatsoever for the last 3 months. This lack has been killing me so much I’ve turned to crochet for near-instant gratification of yarn-play resulting in an FO. I’ve crocheted three sunhats, all but one of which have gone to that hidden part of the park where kids bury their sunhats because no kid ever wants to wear a sunhat, especially if it is a sunhat crocheted specially for you by your crazy mom. I miss knitting. Someday, perhaps, I’ll be able to finish a sock, or scarf…

My non-knitting does not mean I have not been buried in wool however. On these, some of the hottest days of the year, I have been almost literally swathed in wool, as I sew tunics, coats, and kirtles like the madwoman I must be. On the other hand, a friend and I discovered a magical, insane fabric warehouse that sold beautiful woolens for the ridiculous price of $4.99/yd, so hopefully we will finish all this crazy sewing in time and not just be wrapping ourselves toga-like** in all this wool. No matter what, when we’re camping this year, we will not be cold.

*Social Media Stuff can include blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. etc.
**Historical fact of the day: Roman senator’s togas were made of wool.



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4 responses to “No Apologies

  1. Hearing you say [or reading you blog] “near instant gratification” is making me want to learn to crochet! I love knitting and most of the patterns that appeal to me are knitting but sometimes the epic slog at the end of a project just kills me. It would be nice to whip out a crochet dishcloth or hat to feel like I am accomplishing something when knitting has me bogged down.

    Congratulations on finding such a fabulous deal on the fabric! Good luck on finishing your “crazy sewing” so that you don’t find yourself rocking a toga in the woods. :)

    • Em

      @ NerdGirl: Try it! I know some knitters see crochet as the Dark Side of the Force, but for me it’s more like a quirky auntie — she’s obviously related to the rest of us (yarn traits, stick traits, etc) but still manages to be socially baffling at times and a bit odd in public. Can’t beat crochet for turn-out time, though! I’m no more than an adventurous beginner at crochet, but it’s not that hard if you’re already used to manipulating yarn & looking at how the twists create a fabric. Warning: *crochet eats yarn faster than knitting*

  2. Are you referring to McKay’s Corners, by any chance? I recently rediscovered them, having no idea they still existed 15+ years after their London store closed. In fact, I recently saw some fabric there that I bought a few yards of once, almost 20 years ago, from their London store. Possibly even the same exact bolt, who knows? The stuff was already at least 25 years old when I bought it, I think.

    • Em

      Actually it was “FABRIC FABRIC” here in Toronto, which I now can only think of as “CRAZY CRAZY FABRIC FABRIC”. It’s a strange warehouse/upholstery place, and you have to hunt around, and I get the impression that often prices are dependent on how much the ladies like you… but dude, $4.99 for wool!

      I have yet to go to the fabled McKay’s Corner’s, but from all I’ve heard it sounds like a similar crazy-crazy fabric place :)

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