Today’s my blogiversay. Four — 4! — years ago I entered  the blogosphere as a fully-participating member.

That’s why I joined: to participate in the community I was starting to know through the blogs I read. I felt like if I was going to comment on someone’s post, that they should be able to check out who was reading them.

I still do: that’s why I keep a Facebook account dispite the terrible interface and questionable copyright stuff, why I’m on Twitter regardless of any need to “market” myself, why Ravelry is revolutionary beyind its massive databases. It’s about communication.

I’m really grateful for this blog these past four years. Through blogging, I’ve made friends I’ve never met, and I’ve met friends I never would have otherwise. I’ve gone outside my comfort zone, whether by knitting in public or designing my own projects or learning to spin. Through this blog, I’ve gotten job interviews and teaching gigs and published original designs. I’ve also gained skills, started a professional career, become a mother, experienced love and change and betrayal and recovery and a whole host of other stuff I don’t share in public media, and I’m sure there’s even more.

The blogosphere shifts; the world changes; time and goals and all are in flux. I’m still not entirely happy with this blog, or at least with my writing/organizing of it, and I’m sure it will continue to shift right along with everything else. But I’m really glad that it exists, and that I’m still “here”, four years later.

Here’s to another year!



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6 responses to “Four

  1. Dee

    Happy blogoversary! Wishing you many, many more! :-)

  2. A fairly recent join myself-both to reading yours and writing my own-it’s very heartening to read this post. Initially, I thought of my blog as just a sort of more fluid and focused journal, but you’re right; it’s about communication. I didn’t really start to enjoy my blog like I do now until I started reading others and commenting and connecting.

    Here’s hoping that the past 4 years were only the beginning, and that many good things await you!

  3. Happy Happy blogaversary. My blog is a work in progress all the time …..
    yours is a wonder !

  4. Happy blogaversary! We’re so glad you joined the party. :-)

    Much Warmth,


  5. Here’s to many many years in blogland.
    Yes it is a type of therapy and a great way to express and encourage ourselves. I hope things are well with you and your family!
    Big Hugs!

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