Free to Good Home, Just Not Mine

I’m finally getting through to unpacking my books and craft supplies (a true measure of getting settled in a new place if ever there was one) and have decided to be a bit ruthless with which books get to go back on the shelves.

Ok, so that really means that out of mumblethirty-oddmumble boxes of books I’m culling one box-worth, but there are knitting books here, so bear with me…

Kids books that aren’t classics but are too advanced for my daughters: donated. Yet another copy of Interview With A Vampire*: gone. Knitting books that I’m not that interested in…

Well, I might not be too interested in knitting things from these books, but that doesn’t mean you’re not interested. How about you take them off my hands, then?


For grabs:
• Son of Stitch ‘N Bitch, Debbie Stoller
• Easy Knits For Little Kids, Catherine Tough
• Knitted Toys, Zoe Mellor

There’s nothing wrong with these books, I just don’t think I’ll ever knit from them, and most of the other books on the shelf have a minimum of three patterns I’m interested in knitting.  (That’s how I judge magazines, too.) I figure it’s better for a biol to be used than to languish, though, especially how-to books like knitting pattern books.

All you have to do is help me find some inspiration for something to knit! I’m in a terrible slump, nothing is inspiring me these days yet I’d really something on the needles (besides the obligatory sock, of course). What are you knitting up right now? What’s the pattern you happily knit over and over?

So there you have it: tell me your inspiring knits, and the book you’re interested in, and I’ll send them off in about a week. (I’ll use a random draw if there’s a lot of comments, and I’ll email the lucky three for real-world mailing addresses.)

*Seriously, we had something like five copies! How? Why??



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8 responses to “Free to Good Home, Just Not Mine

  1. I would like the easy knits book.

    I am knitting a seaman’s scarf in a faux cable pattern. Very easy repeats.

    I want to cast on for a stephen west shawl…in my new sock yarn.. Pagoda….
    it is amazing

  2. Liz C

    Son of Stitch N Bitch or Knitted Toys – either one….

    I just finished knitting Newsprint Cowl (two color brioche) and love it! It has inspired me to try the brioche wrap that’s in the book Wrap Style.

  3. I know it only hurts my chances, but may I blog about your give away >? Ill bet some readers would love to enter.

    :O Happy Valentines

  4. I’d be interested in any of them, but if I have to pick one, I’d say son of stick N bitch. I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves that are beautiful & pink which makes anything inspiring!

  5. Dee

    Well, mostly I’m a sock knitter so Monkey gets my vote for the most inspiring sock pattern. It’s never a problem and ALWAYS fits, looks good in most yarn choices too. :-)

    However, I’m delving into clothes knitting and my first choice is Claudia Olsen’s Summer Tee Top.


  6. Dee

    Oh, I guess I forgot to add which book I’d like —- Stitch and *itch Nation would be my first choice if I win. Thanks!

    PS. I was sent over here from Irish Eyes Knitting Blog. :-)

  7. I’m in love with the Princess Mitts pattern! I would love the Easy Knits book! (I was sent from the Kathy B’s blog too!)

  8. I too would be interested in any of them–How sweet of you to do this (Kathyb sent me)

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