Full Wolf Moon

Over at FLOCK we have a thing where many members craft a dreamboard on the full moon, using it to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle/month. Each moon has a title, a concept and tradition setting it in the seasons and cycles of the year. So far, I have not participated in this, though I love the idea of “soulcraft”.

I’m a crafter, for sure, big time, but never have been overly comfortable with traditional visual/”fine” art. I don’t keep collage supplies on hand (I tend to disagree with magazines both environmentally and thematically: too much paper for too many adverts/too few real words). I don’t even have a computer printer! And I don’t have the software/skills for digital collage either (though I think this might be a direction to explore).

Yet this is a Full Wolf Moon howling to be acknowledged. Observed. Acted upon and with. I don’t have a collage, but I can throw words into the aether.

* * * *
Under this moon, I feel too full — of obligations, of responsiblities, of “shoulds” and “musts”. This is the wrong kind of fullness. So, even as the full moon hangs at the apex, preparing to wane again, so do I hope that this moon brings a draining-away of these too-full feelings and waxes again with renewed positive full-filled/fulfilled-ness.

Under this moon, I feel a part of myself keening a lonesome call out to the void. I may be an introvert, but I don’t want to be a lone wolf. So, just as wolves howl to keep connected with their pack, so do I hope this moon brings a reconnection with my own circle (my pack, my soultribe), a singing under the stars, carrying across the dark spaces. Aaaaoooooo.

* * * *
Hello, Full Wolf Moon. All today I’ve felt your lunatic pull, the werewolf bite on my nerves. Let’s try to go more gently together through the next 27 days, shall we?


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