Pattern WANT

Kelmscot, from the latest Twist Collective

Someday, perhaps, it will be mine….
* * * * *

There has been knitting. A fair bit of it. There has also been a lot of “life” happening around here, since July (ack, sorry!) I have not abandoned you, dear blog, and hope to have more posts and pics up soon!



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4 responses to “Pattern WANT

  1. I totally agree with you on Kelmscot! I spent a good evening drooling over it. Still haven’t committed to buying the pattern because I have plenty of UFOs commanding my attention. Of course, the moment I decide, “that’s it, no more new patterns until I’ve finished up some of the UFOs”, along comes a to-die-for pattern like this. ::SIGH::

  2. LadyO


    Hi Em!

  3. Some of those Twist collective patterns just make your fingers itch for sure! Gotta knit!

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