Good Mail: SP Goodness!

I have a great Secret Pal. Not only does this one put up with my tremendously bad postings, but s/he also sends me hilarious e-cards and fabulous, on-the-dot packages!*

SP13 pkg

So a belated “Hippo Birdie” to me, (the “belated” entirely the fault of Canada Post, not the SP), and here’s my treats:

SP!3 treats

Chocolate, bathstuff, sock yarn (I love FA SeaWool!!), and Crazy Aunt Purl‘s book… I’m a lucky girl!

*I didn’t blog the first one. It was full of awesome. Happy sock yarn, Folk Socks, treaties… all unphotographed and long since put away/eaten. I’m such a bad blogger!


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One response to “Good Mail: SP Goodness!

  1. Knit Good

    Oh I’m so glad it arrived! I recently had a package go missing on me and I was worried (it turned up three months later :P)

    Glad you like everything, I just picked up yarn for you next package!

    Take care!

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