Top 3 Reasons I’m Not Blogging Lately

Reason #1: Baby

M @ 3mos

Yesterday she turned 3 months old. Can you believe it?!? Three whole months (13 weeks +2 days) have already passed since she joined our world and took over my life. I’m so amazed at how intensely she’s become a part of my world, at how much energy one tiny person can both contain and require of others, and at how completely in love with her I am!!

Reason #2: iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Dru went and got me the ultimate geek-girl-gadget for Christmas this year, and it has both become a near-indispensable tool and favorite toy for me! Many of the great things about the iPod Touch — touch-screen, portability, large file-storage capacity — mean that I can read email, surf the web, read e-books, listen to music & podcasts, etc… all while playing with / napping with / nursing the baby. However, it’s small touch-keyboard significantly reduces the amount of online typing I can do (or feel like doing). Which leads to…

Reason #3: Facebook / Twitter

These lovely little social applications/time sucks allow one to reach out to the world in tiny blog-bites. With these, I can post little tiny updates (type-able on the iPod!) and pretend that I’m still part of the blogosphere. Even though I’m totally not.
(You can follow my tweets at

Bonus Reason: Seriously Boring Knitting.

Dudes, it’s true. I’m ashamed. The knitter that once had many an interesting sock, colourwork mittens, the occasional sweater, and a minimum of one longterm-lacework project on the go has of late been making stunning forays into “great cats, if it’s going to be -20 I need a warmer baby hat NOW” and “if I have to walk with you in the sling from 8-10pm nightly, I’m going to make a stockinette sock so I don’t go mad“. Neither of which are very interesting in either the knitting nor the viewing. I know that in the interest of a complete Ravelry page, however, I really ought to photograph these tiny projects and share them here. If only my iPod had a built-in camera… ;)



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5 responses to “Top 3 Reasons I’m Not Blogging Lately

  1. What a beautiful baby girl! She looks so happy. :) Enjoy her now as much as you possibly can, babies grow up so fast!

    Twitter is so much fun! I’m addicted too. @cyndiinbc

  2. I’m with you on the fb thing. I also just discovered it (katie datko). I also have entered into the realm of really boring knitting or crochet. I figure I’ll have more time when kiddo is older to explore lace and fun stitches and have had only really small or boring projects under my belt this year.

    Morgana is so cute! I loved the age from about 3.5 months to 10 months, it was nice to have a non-mobile but alert baby… Enjoy!

  3. what an adorable little girl.. and I”m secretly quite jealous of your Touch… :-)

  4. oh morgana is just gorgeous!! my maeve is 3.5 months now, and getting cuter by the day! she’s playing with toys now, gripping things, turning onto her side… who would have known how exciting it is to be a mammy!

  5. what a lovely reason!!!! Morgana is so cute…

    Nice blog :)


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