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My New Stash

I am a very lucky mother-to-be.

Amidst the craziness and generosity of the baby shower my SIL organized for me last weekend, there was one gift in particular that stood out. This gift was not even wrapped, just a large cardboard box full of hand-me-downs. Not usually something to get excited about, right?

Yet this box contained but one thing: three children’s worth of cloth diapers, for all stages!

cloth diaper stash

Now, probably many of you are wondering why this is so exciting. Well, go look up the price of a single cloth diaper online real quick, and then consider the fact that there are 74 diapers in the above picture.

We knew cloth would be the right choice for us, having seen the math comparing yearly outlay of disposables vs. cloth (not to mention environmental and heath bonuses). It’s obvious that cloth are cheaper, but the down side to them is a large initial purchase. And that, for us, has now been effectively completely removed!

Oh, there was also an equal stash of vinyl covers/diaper wraps, too…

diaper covers stash

Sure, I probably will end up buying a few more tiny-sized diapers (there are far more medium and large ones in the new stash than smalls). And I much prefer the idea of wool soakers and longies to the plastic pants. But the thing of it is, these are now choices, not needs, and for that I am very grateful!

So, anyone got a favorite wool diaper-cover knitting pattern?



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