Fall New KNITTY!

Hey folks, it’s time once again for Knitty.com to release a new issue!

Knitty has been even further improved by what looks like even more patterns than they usually give out, and now, all of them come with a “printer friendy” button — no more reformatting in Word, yay!

I haven’t shown him yet, but I know Dru is going to want me to knit him the Mangyle.

For me? I just want a Nightcap!


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One response to “Fall New KNITTY!

  1. I love the printer friendly button and all the sock patterns. Also, I wonder if anyone will make Mangyle into a Womangyle. I think the argyle (and the colors!) are really cute. Half of me wants it. The other half knows how slowly I’m knitting again.

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