Good Mail: Spoiled rotten!!

I’ve been absolutely spoiled rotten by my SP12 pal, Tanya! Check out these lovelies:

SP gift - woven blanket
This is a better photo of the baby blanket/wrap she hand-wove (using some of her own handspun yarn!) that was sent in package #1…

SP gift - BSJ
And in this package there was both a hand-knit Baby Surprise Jacket (it’s so small and cute!) for my one-on-the-way…

And also a pair of lovely hand-knit socks for me!!

SP gift - socks that fit!
They fit perfectly :)

SP gift - polworth roving
She also sent me some wonderful purple Polworth roving to spin (and I’m even getting that wheel-spinning bug, these days!). And a handmade beaded DPN-holder!

I feel lucky to have been paired with such a generous pal. I have never been the recipient of so much of someone else’s creative energy, and am very grateful of these beautiful things. I’m sure I (and my baby) will love them for years to come!

Next time… I have been KNITTING!!



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5 responses to “Good Mail: Spoiled rotten!!

  1. Yeah! I’m so glad you like all the stuff! I’m nervous sometimes that my pal may be disappointed that I made so many of the items but I really enjoy that part of the ‘gifting’. Hope the sweater fits for more than 1 day, but it turned out smaller than I expected. It was my first BSJ. I love the buttons so if it doesn’t fit longer than a day you could always save them for another sweater :)
    Enjoy the Polworth, it’s my favorite to spin!

  2. What nice things to receive! Man, a handwoven scarf/wrap (in this case, baby blanket) would be so awesome. Lucky you!

  3. Wow you really are a lucky girl!

  4. What a great pal! Your little one will love these!

  5. wow, that’s a great parcel of goodies! the jacket’s my favourite! i must queue that in ravelry…

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