Vacation Knitting

I’m going to one of my favourite vacation spots later today, so in preparation for the long car trip and days of slack, I had to be sure I would have something to keep my hands busy!

Last autumn, when Interweave Knits released their Fall issue, I was struck by the cover photo’s pattern:
Tilted Duster

While I don’t usually go in for asymmetry, I loved the Tilted Duster. More to the point, as soon as I saw it I though “that would be the cutest maternity sweater ever!” and that maybe someday, if I were pregnant, I’d make it for myself. Fast forward to about a week ago, where I realized that I am pregnant, now, and if I didn’t get knitting I might not still be in time to show off the belly-bump!

On Tuesday I went by the Purple Purl to spend some of my hard-earned (ok, not so much, but “fun earned” doesn’t scan as well) store credit. After much deliberation (Misti Pima Cotton? Galway Heather?) I went with this:
FibraNatura Mermaid (42% Pima Cotton, 35% Superwash Wool, 12% Silk, 11% Seacell) Colour: chocolate brown.

This yarn is so deliciously soft, has such an alluring sheen, is lightweight yet warm, mostly plant-fibers but has enough wool for elasticity… I am in love! I’m hoping that this sweater will become my new favourite, best-sweater-ever. But of course, first I have to knit it!



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4 responses to “Vacation Knitting

  1. The pattern looks gorgeous. Have fun knitting it and go and show off your bump

  2. LOL–I love that “first I have to knit it” feeling. I get that a lot. “Ooh, that sweater’s cute!” “Oh, I’d love to add this to my wardrobe.” “Um, y’know, you do have to scrounge up some money for the yarn and then knit it, Stephanie…” Have fun knitting! and have a great vacation!

  3. It is a perfect maternity sweater! Good eye!

  4. ha, that one’s in my ravelry queue! and i think i put i there for similar reasons! i just haven’t done anything about it and now there’s only a few weeks left… it’ll be a lovely cardi for after, too though!

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