Good mail, bad blogger

Dear Secret Pal,

You are totally awesome. I have now received 2 packages from you, and both have been fantastic and unique and thoughtful. It took me a while to pick up package #2, since I thought the postal notice was a hold-over from #1, they came so close together, but please don’t stress that they weren’t shipped or recieved!

Your first package was great — I am still touched that you spun some of the yarn, and then used it to hand-weave an awesome shawl/baby blanket. Thank you for giving me both a lovely object, and the gift of your time and creativity. The yarn is beautiful and I have already commissioned the stitch-markers (they’re nice and big, and most of my others are too small for my current project!)

The second and very surprising surprise package is a thing for which many others hold jealous: the Cat Bordhi New Pathways for Sock Knitters book, complete with some lovely sock yarn and needles (in my favourite 2.25mm size, nonetheless)! I have already knit the two “practise” socks (how perfect is it that these come out baby/kid sized?) and my brain has only exploded a few times from the awesomeness of these new “sockitechtures”. I am even getting the hang of the wacky new increase techniques*.

You should know just how much these packages have brightened my days, how grateful I am and how spoilt I feel. I don’t know you (yet) but you certainly have got a handle on my likes! I think you should also know that between the blanket and the sock-yarn, you may have chosen my baby’s “colour scheme” — I love the way purples, pinks, and lime greens go together!

So thank you, Secret Pal. Maybe someday I will find my camera again, and then a week after that will post pictures of your generosity… Until then, I hope my words give a hint of how great you have been to me.


* Will I trade in my old fave M1R/M1L for RLinc/LLinc? I wonder…


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One response to “Good mail, bad blogger

  1. Secret Pal

    You are most very welcome! I am so glad you liked the packages. It would have been nice if they arrived more spread out but it’s hard to control the mail system when ordering online.
    I’m really glad you like the wrap. I have a blog post all about it that you can read after the reveal. It did not turn out as planned but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I too really liked the purple and green combo. There will be more coming down the pipe but I’m holding off on sending until you’ve knit all the socks in the Pathways book ;)

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