A post that’s not just in my head

I am such a liar. I promise you posts “soon”, and you get nothing. I tease with hints of knitting, spinning, and baby-news. And then… nothing.

I apologize for this. It appears that pregnancy has robbed me of certain faculties.

It’s certainly not like I haven’t been blogging — in my head, at least. I’ve got tonnes of things I want to say, thoughts I’m thinking, images I’ve seen and would love to capture. There’s so much head-blogging I contemplate starting whole new blogs for my myriad topics (knitting, pregnancy/parenting, eco-living)! Then I remember I haven’t even answered this weeks (or last’s?) SP12 question.

So for now, please imagine me saying all sorts of clever things (like I have imagined) about the knitting I’ve started doing again, and spinning, and my fabulous secret pal’s package that arrived last week (Thank you! A Good Mail post will happen eventually!). Imagine I have shared my thoughts about urban homesteading, my husband’s initial foray into self-watering containers, and our ideas about how life should be truly lived. Imagine I’ve told you all the stories about my increasing size, the sensations of feeling my child move and kick within me, my frustrations at my limitations and joys of the experiences.

And just chalk the fact that these posts are imaginary up to this:
Pregnant belly - 21 weeks
21 weeks and growing — now into the second half!



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6 responses to “A post that’s not just in my head

  1. If I weren’t such an angry feminist I would totally wolf whistle at you right now.

    Want me to send you a pretty little notebook so you can scratch down rough notes and thoughts at those times when your thoughts are churning and you haven’t got the energy to compose them for the weblog? Then if you’re really feeling lazy you can just scan a page and put it up here for discussion.

    Also: any chance you folks’ll be down the Ridley Farm way before Pennsic? I’m doing an installation/performance the next two weekends and I’d love for you to come. Since it’s a sewing performance, Artcite’s even going to hold their stitchnbitch in my installation space on the 26th.

  2. Yay for babies!! :D Yay for imaginary posts !! Yay for packages!!!

  3. You look great! I am so happy for you. There is nothing like feeling that little life move inside you.

  4. cute bump, and love the dress, too. is it gap maternity? they have some tolerable items in their online store. i don’t always have energy, or feel as though words are easily dripping off my fingers onto the keyboard, so surely no one minds that you’re not blogging so much. but do keep us posted with how things grow with baby.

  5. Love the belly bump! Congrats! When’s your due date?

    I may have just had a baby, but I miss being pregnant. Though not enough (yet) to have a third kid, LOL.

    Hope you have a smooth sailing for the rest of your second half of pregnancy!

  6. what a cute little bump! and that’s a nice dress, too! it’s great feeling the little one moving around, isn’t it?

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