The Friday Night Knit(blog)ing Club

Curious as to whom I will be sending my copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club? Let’s find out!

From, I rolled 1 virtual die (six sides, one per comment!) and got this:

Die Roller
You rolled 1 die:
Timestamp: 2008-06-09 17:50:31 UTC

So Liz, the book is yours (for a while)! I’ll send you an email and we can figure out addresses. No worries about US postage, either!

I thought one last fun thing for the Friday Night Knit(blog)ing Club would be to have a kind of record of “club members”, where the book has gone, and what gets written in it. So I’m going to add a page to this site soon, and would love it if the subsequent readers would send me similar photos & data to go here.

Tune in next time for a real-live Finished Object (gasp!) and even more stashing…



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3 responses to “The Friday Night Knit(blog)ing Club

  1. Yeahhh…. I’m very excited about this. Can’t wait to read then book and then pass it along! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Secret Pal

    Hi Emily! This is such a great idea. Everyone will love reading this book, it’s awesome.

  3. Great idea. I loved the book in so far as it dealt with knitting. Just finishing This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

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