If you can’t knit ‘sm, stash ’em

Whatever is a knitter to do when she cannot find the energy to knit? Why, buy yarn for the future, of course! (A positive attitude always helps, right?)

Indigo Moon - aubergine
This Indigo Moon sock yarn in “Aubergine” was the one and only in the basket, and just cried out to me to someday be knit into a pair of Baudelaire socks.

Malabrigo silk/wool -stonechat

First Jennifer showed me the pair of fingerless mitts she was knitting from this yarn. Then I tried one on. Then she showed me the colours. Then I was hooked, and a skein of Malabrigo Silky Wool in “Stonechat” just had to be mine.

Manos del Urugay
You’re probably seen similar skeins of Manos Del Uruguay around here before. Good ol’ colourway 102, you remind me of embers at twilight and I’ve loved your texture since I was a wee knitter. Finally the many incarnations of my previous stash have become a comforting triangular shawl*, and this last, lonely skein in the discount bin was destined to come home and be that shawl’s border. It was fate, not impulse sale-buying!

Elann Alpaca - lavender

Elann alpaca - magenta

Not one, not three, but six skeins of Elann Peruvian Alpaca Fina were my loot from Glenna‘s stash at her fabulous dissertation party at the Purple Purl last Friday (it was like a hobbit’s birthday — she brought presents for the guests!). I think half are “smoky grape” (lavender) and the other three “Byzantium” (magenta), and together they will either form a very pretty shawl or a snuggly, lacy wrap/shrug.

Austerman Step
Greed also got the better of me that night, and since this skein of Austermann Step (mit Aloe!) was left out of the table after several minutes passes of the table had been made by the other party-goers, I popped it in with the Elann. Sheepish thank yous are owed to Glenna. Dru or I will have a nice pair of socks soon**. (Bets can be placed now if they will be a) Monkeys or b) any other pattern at all.)

*Stay tuned! There actually has been a marginal amount of knitting during my DVD vegetation phases, so unless the border I’m working completely sucks there may be an FO soon**!
** If by “soon” I can mean 2 days to 2 months. Y’know, “soon”!



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7 responses to “If you can’t knit ‘sm, stash ’em

  1. I see lots and lots of lovely purples!! :) What wonderful stash enhancements.

  2. Wow! Sweet scores all around. I just have to ask though…what exactly do you have against the colour purple? Hee hee! Just kidding.
    Glad to hear you are still stitching away. I look forward to your FO! Hope you are feeling well and doing well, too. Take care. M

  3. Martha

    I wouldn’t worry too much over the Austermann. It really does support just a plain ol’ stockinette sock, with the way the stripes pop up you’ll be constantly entertained.

  4. Oooo the Beaudelaire Socks will be delicious in that yarn!

  5. Glad the yarn went to an inviting home! And yep, the Austermann Step is just a-ok for plain stockinette or rib, the stripes do all the rest of the work for you ;)

  6. Gorgeous yarn – love the Indigo Moon!

  7. ladyoctavia

    Nice haul!

    Austermann is my fall back plain everyday yarn for plain old stockinette socks, I’ve got at least three pairs… no 4… and enough for another 2 at least and I keep them for me (all for me) and the are my winter in boots work-horse socks.

    (um.. yeah, I love the Austermann…)

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