In Progress

I am so tired of being tired.

Most evenings I come home from work and am like some sort of zombie, shambling around between napping and complaining that I don’t want to eat/go out/go to bed… But they say this should pass soon, and it’s all for a good cause:

first ultrasound photo
My first baby photo! Can you see the nose? Or the little floating toes?)

But folks, perhaps there has been a slight turn towards the light… I have been KNITTING.

Noro socks
Noro sock yarn, my own(!) pattern.

Ok, so the only reason I bought this nifty new Noro Kureyon sock yarn was because I was so brain-dean I forgot to bring knitting to knit-night, but hey, it was a good excuse for a small spree and kicked my but into knitting mode! I executed the picot hem all on my ownses at knit-night last week, and a few days later performed the miraculous feat of looking though a stitch dictionary, finding a cute pattern, and checking the math so it fit with my stitch count. (These days, that’s practically the same as rocket science!)

noro sock details
Simple-but-effective lace pattern, cute picot hem.

Hooray for little victories, I say. This may be coming slowly, but I like the way it’s turning out so far and it’s already bigger than I expected. Much like the baby!



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11 responses to “In Progress

  1. Oooo! First baby photo! That is so exciting. And the knitting is looking faboo, dahlink! Don’t worry about the tiredness/lack of mojo. It WILL pass and you are so right about it being for a good cause. :D

  2. Awww!! First baby picture! :) The socks are gorgeous, maybe the tiredness can be turned into a good thing (sometimes).

    I do hope you feel better soon! (No morning sickness yet right?)

  3. what a nice picture :OP!!!

  4. As I was clicking on your blog, I was wondering when we were going to get to hear more baby stuff. I was so happy to see a picture. Very cute! I love the pattern you made up for your sock!

  5. How sweet! I love his/her little face. How far along are you? Will you find out the gender??

    I know you probably hear it from a lot of people, but the fatigue does pass. That first trimester is a killer but in a few months you’ll have a lot more energy (and happy hormones). Can’t wait to see more baby-in-progress pictures!

    Love the sock. Always a good thing, getting cool sock yarn.

  6. Lady O

    The sock pattern looks great!

    And soo cute!! Baby pictures! I find ultrasound pictures amazing, over the last 26 years my family has watched the technology evolve (since the version when mom was expecting me and only the tech could tell what was what to my youngest bro. now 4 to my god-daughter born in the fall). Wow!

  7. get through the first trimester and things do improve. Love the sock – what colourway?

  8. There is NOTHING like motherhood! Enjoy every second – good bad and in between – there will be lots of times where busily waiting for things to pass might mean you miss something incredible your child does. Like right now when he or she is busy growing a body and organs and a face! My youngest turned 14 yesterday and I spent the day thinking about the day we coaxed him to join us in the outside world. It was easily the most demanding day I’ve ever had but I now cherish every memorable moment!

    BTW is it hard to translate patterns from a book with knit flat instructions into knitting in the round for a sock?

  9. i know just how you feel about the fatigue. but now that i’m just entering my second trimester, i have a good amount more energy than before.

  10. Congrats! When is your due date? Do you know the sex of the baby?

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